We need some change here

Maybe Flaregames its too blind to see why so many people hate them and maybe quit their game. That is the goal of this topic try to wake them up or die if you won’t

Same a kid of 5 year old can do it. can know what to do to respect people and at least give them a good services and all

1.Its so hard to put here someone who can be on forum 24/24 and can answer each question not Alyesa who the majority of time said : Call the support or go on support. What is that? a service 1 star like a very worst hotel we don’t need that sorry. What we want its someone who can be on forum 24/24 and 7/7 and have knowledge and can answer people question

2.its to hard to put someone on forum who can answer what its possible to add in the game and what its impossible and why? each day people ask you suggestion and improvements but never done in the game. maybe 80% of time throw in toilet. Its so hard to answer us about each demand if yes or no its possible to have and on what you working right now

3.Why its so hard for you to resolve and fix all problem in game : bugs,crash,etc… what your testor do exactly? nothing? its impossible after 1 year or more we still encounter so many bugs and problem again in the game. We have the impression the game still in beta version and not close to be in alpha and so on

4.Why you left dawn of Steel dying? you got no money in this game and you have deceded to kill the game : no more info on forum about what you do for hacker,no more information about new update,no info about what you do to rebalance the game,etc… the last info are from April 2016 c’mon its ridiculous

5.Why you cannot fix the stupid double post on this forum

6.Why you cannot test your update before release it

7.Why you don’t ask us about update. Maybe if we don’t like something you can change it before release it and not give us update with millions of problem,bugs and shit we are forced to support until the next update who once again gonna bring again other bugs,crash and problem until the next update who again bring problem and so on…

8.Why don’t listen us and don’t care about us. Why ignoring us?

if I find other thing I gonna add them later

9.Why in the end of 2016 after maybe 2 year of your game. the game still unbalancing between each device. I don’t belive it Royal Revolt 2 are so different on each device, Dawn of steel have a feature who kill the game on IOS c’mon a green orb who repair Rig? seriously

One day can we have game close to be finish or we have no choice to support and play with beta version of game again for 2,3,4 year?