We need to RAID

This game could be awesome but it doesnt allow us to attack (raid) other player bases… the key is to compete between each other… without that this game gets boring despite having really nice graphics…

Attacking islands with A.I. protector isnt fun enough.

Also we need some kind of tournament ot leagued to earn gems… Dont be too greedy Flare

Ok i just realize the island are occupied by other players not by A.I. but this is still bad. Its only a defensive game, we can not choose who to attack and where.

Flare, please make possible to attack whoever player we choose, even if attacking doesnt make us temporary owners of one of the attacked player island.

And of course implement tournaments, leagues or something.

I think Tournaments and/or Leagues would be good. Best out of three though, I wouldn’t want a pesky miss-click to knock me out of the first round haha!

probably developers can make some button to change the enemy on your island, for some 1000 gold… its idea, and you dont need to change trophy system.

 but enemies anyway must be not by ascension level but by trophies? because when i am lvl 59 and have 2000 trophies, always getting enemies 8-15 level higher and if they have smaller trophies than me, then i can win just 3 trophies, so that is ?

Totally agree with you on this.


Yea I’d like a way to cycle different players on islands. I thought using a couple cups to cycle would have being ok, gold would be ok to. Would of helped trophies flow back up, and you’d have another opponent.

The whole premise of random matchmaking is that you get some easy opponents, and some more challenging ones.

Basically what you are asking is a feature to dodge challenging opponents, and can allow you to choose and pick on easy targets. I have yet to see any game with this option. There are many ways where this could be abused.

If all your randomly matched opponents are difficult, then that’s a different issue, but I think Flaregames has already addressed it in the previous patch.

Almost every mmo attack-defences style game that I’ve seen has the option to chose not to attack an opponent and cycle to the next (randomly generated yes but I still get the choice of attacking or not). Usually using gold. Royal revolt 2, flares other games like this, you can chose to attack any opponent for free if you look them up, and has the gold cycle method too. 

Yes I want to dodge attacks I’m not going to make anyway or I know are 2 tough. The same ppl keep spawning on my islands, so not very random atm and I know if I like attacking them or not.

1000 gold? Lol. 

If anything it should cost trophys that way anyone would only use it when necessary and prevent abuse.

You definitely shouldn’t be able to cherry pick your opponents for nothing

and there’s no guarantee the next guy is easier

opponents will eventually rotate out, I would rather wait then roll the dice

if you want to change opponents for free, then nothing else will change in game, think stright they also cant do everything for free. ehen i geting opponents whit total everything buffed i must wait slmost 2 days until they will be changed automaticaly, but if i can pay 1000 gold, it almost nothing from the atack when you getting from aliance bonus… so i beter pay 1000 than sit 2 days snd wait until they will be changed by developers, and when you looking to enemy base you dont know how strong that defence and baricades are. so i think atack the enemy and finish a fight in 8% its ridiculous…

How about this?

Swap the opponent for the first time: 1000 gold (new opponent level -1)
Swap the opponent for the second time: 2000 gold (new opponent level -2)

and so on …


I dont like this idea, too much exploits behind that. All people will be swapping until they find the weakest opponent … 

yes, they will do that, but they will spend the same gold, probably they use more gold than get from win…

and other thing, after today update all enemies on my island is just with 3 trophies??

The problem is more on that. 3 trophies for all opponents is bad … After all, if ennemies swapping enable, you have just to wait for the weakest player for this 3 trophies.


By the way, normally everyone can find some weaker opponents, unless you have not leveled up your troops/spells



and how need understand this one? he are higher by trophies than me, and ascension level is the same

result was 56% -275 ambrosia and -14 gems ?? 

-3 trophies

Assuming they are upgraded, try using warriors instead of archers

Toggle defense stance right after you break down the first barricade

Keep defense stance on until you have destroyed the last lapetos tower

Walk over spears, bombs, skulls as usual

I would also use spindle instead of gaze

I don’t know if you’d beat him, but I am quite sure you will get better than 56%. After this, it will just be a matter of tweaking your spell usage, figuring out when is the best time to use them etc.

You can also park your hero closer to him before attempting this attack again. You’re probably going to fail a couple more times before you succeed.

Practice and experiment without using gems first. -3 trophy is not a lot to lose compared to what you might be able to learn from each attack.

i mean that enemy are higher trophies than me, its dont mean on photo that i use archers, why when enemy higher by trophies you getting minimum? some player are 15 levels higher, but by trophies lower, so again you can earn just 3 trophies, but that ones i at all cant beat…

i understand if i will have 1000 trophies then i will get 15 levels lover enemy? anyway still dont understand this enemy chose system…