We need your ideas! Suggest awesome new titles for all users


I agree with almighty …

Based on Towers:


That’s pretty cool!! :sunglasses:

Some suggestions:


  • Anyone below 10 posts - Casual / Wayfarer  
  • Anyone below 30 posts - Regular / Ordinary
  • Anyone below 100 posts - Elite / Supreme
  • 100 posts or more - Legendary / Mythical

RR2 doesn’t really have any features on windowsphone like inviting friends from facebook to fill your silo and offers to earn free gems by watching videos or downloading additional apps…when will we Windows phone users get these upgrades??


Please stay on topic. Open a separate thread if you want to discuss the issue.

I like that idea! Sure they are best in their own ways, but they are also attainable after certain levels of your troop academy. So it could work well here as we level up.

never. according to them it is becouse of microsfot.



Check out what others are saying on this topic elsewhere on the forum:

Young Prince

Crown Prince



Great Emporor




Commoner Baron Viscount Earl Marquis Duke King Emporer



For Admin…


Bishop Archbishop Patriarch Cardinal



For Banned User



If based on the Unit, Archer and Froster would be jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that ‘Prisoner’. Or ‘Outlaw’.

How about:


Tusken Raider









Galactic Emperor



Billy Dee Williams

Keeping it to the original mediaeval theme, maybe







or we could go all lord of the rings With Hobbits, Dwarfs, Elves etc

I have few ideas which i got from other forum sites i joined, they rank their members by the name of the monsters by level, for example of this is like ranking how cats from a pet one to wild ones like: 1. cat, cheetah, lion and so…






I’m thinking combos like:

  • Knight Bladestormer
  • Blizzard Frostcaster
  • Pyro Firestormer
  • Arb Sonicblaster

But just go with the most formal way like Zoname suggested. Maybe:

  • Wanderer - Guests
  • Outlaw - Banned Users
  • Gentleman/Lady - 0 posts
  • Prince/Princes - 1-below 10 posts
  • Crowned Prince/Crowned Princes - 10-below 20 posts
  • Duke/Dutchess - 20-below 50 posts
  • Baron/Baroness - 50-below 100 posts
  • King/Queen - 100-below 500 posts
  • Emperor/Empress - 500+ posts

Too many titles though, :wink:

Butler -  Cared for the cellar and was in charge of wine & beer.    >  ( Anyone below 10 posts )


Chaplain -  Provided spiritual welfare for laborers and the castle garrison > ( Anyone below 30 posts )


Watchman -  An official at the castle responsible for security > ( Anyone below 100 posts )


Castilian -  Resident owner or person in charge of a castle > ( 100 posts or more )

Peasant - Below 10 posts

Messenger - Below 25 posts

Researcher - Below 35 posts

Medic - Below 50 posts

Kingdom Guardian - Below 75 posts

Warrior - Below 100 posts

General - Below 150 posts

Prince - Below 200 posts

King - Below 250 posts

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