We should not lose trophies when enemies don't break the Gate

I really don’t mind losing over 50 trophies when I fail on attack, I get angry but I understand it cause I failed so its my fault.   

But losing trophies to players that failed on our defense it’s very wrong, Flare! 



I don’t care about the level difference or how many less trophies than me the enemy has (player in the screenshot is -800 trophies and -5 levels), if my defense worked why should I be punished?!?!? This is stupid 


And how could they get trophies without breaking the Castle Gate? What kind of King leaves his trophies outside the Castle??? 

  • you need to decrease the amount of trophies players can take after dropping their own trophies.


31 is crazy! and I’ve seen raids for more than that!!

What kind of king leaves gold in his towers?

What kind of king only sends his units out wave-by-wave?

How does the king take trophies from attackers? For that matter, why does anyone even BRING trophies with them?

When you start to question the game, the whole thing falls apart.

Hello guys

I have the same problem, i do not understeand why we have to be punished for having a good defense…

In my case it happens that other king of my own level of trophy, they can not conquer me, but i lost the trophies, - 11 (45%) - 9 (74%)…

It happens to me often and with different people!



Maybe a trick-cheat that set attacker fooling RR2 algorithm ?

It’s good to lose trophies. Trophies are only a guide to your strength. The less trophies you have the better as you will get more gold for defeating the enemy. People deliberately lose trophies for this very reason.


But not everyone likes to lose trophies, especially players trying to go up in the Leaderboard to have more medal bonus 

Hey, what"s 'up ?

when attacked, my defense wan, 3 others got only -11% , -40 % , -61% and guess what: i lost trophies to players who failed! NOT FAIR AT ALL


please Flaregames, what’s the trick ?

too bad!

another one attacked and got only 58%

i lost 12 trophies!


evil game



follow up

another one:right now 8 level higher than me attacked and got 59% only and i lost 10 trophies !


please, Flaregames why ?



hey RR2, please stop that crazy things:

this day, sept 26 2015 attacker X, he lost, only 13 % , him & me only  ZERO trophie attacker Y, he wan, 100%, i lost 50 trophies! yes, 50 lost, is that possible ?


not funny and not fair !


it’s no more worth playing :angry:



09/26/2015 afternoon: another one attacked and lost ( he got only 58% ) and i lost 4 trophies! Grrr, GRRr, GRRR



another one attacked and lost ( he got only 56% ) and i lost 2  trophies!

I really wish and hope they will change that! 

and so on last night,

another example, he attacked and lost (he got only 36%) and i lost 1 trophie So, i understand :  it’s useless to spend gold to set higher defense, in order to not loose trophies. Ok flaregames, i no more do it!

Lol that happen to me many times when i look opponent higher ranking and easy base,

Sometime when i lose i still gain thropy

Maybe its all have to do with ur thropy gap between attacker and defender


Thanks, i checked,

in almost all case, my trophies and king level are below of attackers’s

(not lol at all) :angry:

Flaregames, please, what are the rules ? attacker (level 92), 4 times the same (i am at level 82) - he got 98%, i lost -46 trophies - he got 17%, i wan 9 trophies - he got 68%, i lost -12 trophies - he got 49%, i lost  -6 trophies



another one: attacker (level 92), 3 times the same (i am at level 82) - he got 49%, i lost -9 trophies - he got 9%, i wan 10 trophies - he got 41%, i lost -6 trophies

this afternoon 09/27/2015 attacker (level 92), again 3 times the same (i am at level 82) - he got 19%, i wan 8 trophies - he got 47%, i lost -9 trophies - he got 60%, i lost -11 trophies i confirm: useless to spend gold to set higher defense


no comments ? Aether, please.  

-attacker level 92, he got 62%, i lost -30 trophies -attacker level 84, he got 14%, i lost -1 trophy RR2 drives me crazy! ok, no more spending gold in defense till RR2’s answer and fix  

Its not his king level, its his position in relation to you in terms of trophies, its a well known ‘art’ employed by some players to stay very low in terms of trophies and gain maximum trophies (and gold) from those they attack, often they do this to get you to show up in mm so they get better medals in tournaments. You will probably find your trophies are then dumped off to another account after they have done theses runs, often to a higher level ‘friend’  … or a second account!!!


I had a quite well know level 105 king drop so low that he managed to take trophies from me for 8% completion!

Hmmm, term of  trophies? are tou sure? me: Level 82 Trophies: ~3440 -attacker L: 92, T: 3715, he got 62%, i lost -30 trophies -attacker L: 84, T: 3695, he got 14%, i lost -1 trophy -attacker L: 91, T: 3543, he got 24%, i lost -5 trophies