We want free Sundays!

I play this game since many months and after the last updates the balance is better than ever, so I like it a lot. But there is one point that I would really like to change: Why does every war have to end on Sunday? Weekends are here to enjoy. No work, no duties, time to visit friends or for a trip to a foreign city, to brunch with your family, and so on… The only person in our family that has to step out every few hours is me because I have to do some raids.
Of course nothing has to change if it is only me that is not happy with 52 Sundays where I’m not able to decide about my own time schedule, but I guess that many other players have the same problem with the current setup. My idea would be to have a fixed start time (Thursday) instead of a fixed end of war. What do you think?

No way.!!! I have a busy schedule and some how manage to play the game … Saturday and Sunday is off so we can play and take part in war … I am a college going student think about us also…?

We should have war one week and odyssey the next. 

Good idea @dumpster, that would take away a lot of pressure!

Big No Again.!!! We will Get less Titan Chest it that case.

This war style also is a big pressure for commanders (founder/general/officers) many times i have to set the clock, wake up in the middle of the night, see others movements and start attacks…I hate it. Have doing every week esp sundays at 04:55 am…  Plz introduce tournament style, 1vs1 batlles, less pressure, no tactics, no waitings, no gangs, no set clocks, no keep furies,  just attack at suitable time. First round 18 hours, second round 18 hour so attack what time you want, at night, at morning, at noon… 

“Bring me Spartacuskr2, or all the titan codes will be executed!”


“I am Spartacuskr2.”

“…” “I am Spartacuskr2!”

"I am Spartacuskr2!"

I am Spartacuskr2!”

@Hellslord I did that waking up grind as you do untill I found a reliable member in the other corner of the world (USA, I am Romanian), so now he manages the attack while I sleep

It would be nice, to exclude some player in alliance from the war and also let the players decide, to enter the war or not. You can see how such things work in clash of clans, where you can enter different kind of wars with an amount of player. So you can decide, if you enter a war with for example 10, 25, 50… player. If you don’t have enought active player in an alliance on one weekend, you can still enter the war, without loosing to much. 

The whole Alliance war should be refactored, to be more player friendly. For an alliance with less player active in war, the reward of the fighing ones could be less, so that it’s still attractive, to fight with all members.

Yes sir, I’m doing same thing ??? I have 3 very enthusiastic and loyalty officers, luckily they are from all main continents US, EU, Asia. By deviding the tasks, we have less pressure managing alliance ???

Sure, you can divide tasks, but not raiding…

Account sharing is against Flaregames policy  , be careful with that 

Papi made a great suggestion - and he suggested a compromise from the get-go. Some can easily devote time during the week, and some on weekends. Making it a “free Sunday” policy is a good compromise to suite everybody and be fair.



I never asked to have ALL Sundays free of war. If all wars start on a Thursday, normal wars would still end on Sunday, Skirmish on Saturday and Clash on Friday. And I am quite sure that even students may find some time for raids during weekdays. :wink:

I agree!!

This topic, as well as general improvements and changes to the war system are currently under discussion for future versions. Keep the suggestions coming.

Thx CaptainMorgan for your interest. First i want to copy and paste my previous post with some additions. 

This war style also is a big pressure not only for members but also for commanders (founder/general/officers) too. Because commanders must their best, because they have responsibility for their alliance. As a founder of THE REAPER OF SOULS (rank 26, with only 24 members), i feel great responsibility for my team,  like most of you do. We have to be so tactical,  many times i have to set the clock, wake up in the middle of the night, see others movements and start attacks…Somewhat it getting boring i must say, because doing this for many months. Needless to say hate doing every week esp sundays at 04:55 am…  Plz introduce tournament style, 1vs1 battles, less pressure for team, no tactics, no waitings at the starts, no gangs (2 vs 1 alliance), no toasted between ally alliances,  no set clocks, no organising and keep furies for next attack…  Just war. Just at suitable time. SO best is tournament sytle. First round 18 hours, second round 18 hours so attack what time you want, at night, at morning, at noon… Winners of the first round play for getting #1 at second round, while loosers of the first round play for getting ranj #3 at the second round. 

Now my additional suggestion. I suggest  a new rank, named WARCHIEFS. Every team can have 8 warchiefs (8 is the minumum member requirement for entering the war). What is warchief? Warchief has shortened fury regeneration time by half. That means they can attack more frequently. Any member can be a warchief.  But all team’s founder or general have to choose their 8 warchiefs wisely. The warchiefs must be strong, they have to  fight well, they must have the power and ability to win enemy highest levels, of course they have to contrubute perfect and they better to bring 3 heroes for war. So active but having low member alliance can have more change against crowded but relatively inactive alliances by the extra points of warchiefs. 

And my last war suggestion. 

An additional war can be introduced too. Lets name it TROJAN WAR. Basicly i think something smilar to odyseus missions.  1 to 10 skull hardness. 1 skull needed somewhat 25k points to win, while 10 skull need somewhat 3 million points to win for 3 day battle. More the skulls more the rewards like odyseus missions. This is not an alternative of the wars against real alliances but can be introduced for different times/periods…

the Wars is too much pressure for founder,general and officiers. Stay wake up until 2 am because the next strike is at this time or set a clock alarm to wake up during night its not something really fun and far from that. 

Why not do like Royal Revolt 2? Give us a Wars each 2 weeks and not each 4 days. too much demanding in time and many quit because of that. That demand too much activity. in my alliance I add some new player with 600 trophy and sometime 1000 and they participate during 1 Wars maybe 2 Wars but after stop and quit because the game is too much demanding. I ask to attack and participate but nothing. After each Wars I must kick so many because they become inactives and don’t play anymore

So if the Wars was each 2 week with a duration of 5 days can be appreciated. The system of fury is not bad but again too much pressure for player. Many have a family,go in school,go in college,etc… demanding to go in the game each 6 hours to do their fight I don’t think that work for everyone. I try to ask them to do their fight but without any result. Why not change the system of fury by ‘’ X number of attack’’  in a wave like Royal Revolt 2. The Wars there is really well make. The founder wake up the morning do the strike and the members do the X number of attack during morning like I don’t know 8 attack per waves with a duration of 23 hours to allow everyone with bad shedule to have time to fight. So this way no pressure and we can relax the rest of the day

I agree with Warriornator on something! High five mon ami!

War feels like a bad habit, and not something any of us do for fun any more. 

Count me in too! As the chief tactician of my small alliance, I am getting rather tired of getting up 3-5am every Saturday/Sunday. What is more, my lady clearly hates it way more than I do and my IPad was probably deliberately assassinated (smashed) to prevent me from playing this game. This is just to show the extent of the issue, impacting the life of those in charge (members simply ignore wars).