We want some defense improvements ! All players do !

Hi everyone. I’ve made a small (not that small in fact) list of Suggestions & Improvements topics. I do not ask you to read all of them, it is really long,  but please just take time to read some of them. It is really interesting to see how many and various they are, especially during the last months…

At least, read the bold titles and jump to the end of the post once you have read enough.



… And so on. 

As you can see, there are many suggestions of Defense improvements in the forum. Why do we have _nothing _from Flare ? Yeah, we’ve got ninjas, we’ve got insta-troops, we’ve got uber items with so many perks to forge… But all of that increases the gap between offense & defense !

I have the feeling that almost every players agree with that, Defense need to be strengthened, but NOT WITH ANOTHER +1 LEVEL !!!

We want something _new _which could help balancing offense and defense.

I added some other comments of players (from low-players to top-players, Everyone wants changes), just in case Flare had not understood that.


And the answer :


Yeah, great. I think we’ve understood that Flare Developers love adding now levels, because they don’t need to look for new features. 

I think I don’t need to make more comments. All the quotes above explain very well the frustration of players.

I hope this post will help to make Flare understand that defense need novelty. But a real one, not a useless +1 level that nobody cares.

There you have your ideas : New towers, new obstacles, tactical advantages depending on the landscape,… If you have read, you saw that many players want to add some _surprise _in the game with hidden towers / traps.

If you really care about your players’ feelings about the game, Flare, just read the whole post. And do something.

Thanks to everyone who will help this topic to arrive to Flare developers.

Pretty sure they already said they are working on new defensive mechanics for future update

They did. But nothing came, that’s the problem.


You missed my suggestion.  :slightly_frowning_face:

 Just joking but lets see something will happen.

Sorry, I didn’t see it  :stuck_out_tongue:

What was it about ?

They said they’re working on it yet, so don’t expect it to be released soon, you’re being a bit impatient, but indeed your post is right, new levels was exactly what we didn’t want, but well…

It also needs to be worth more to defend your gate, not just a bit less gold lost.

I’m not impatient. Actually I don’t even remember how long ago they said they were working on it. I have not created this topic because Flare said they were working on it something like one week ago and we still not have it, I don’t know hum much time is needed but probably more than one week  :slight_smile: . But what I know is that I and many players have wanted changes for a while (more than 6 months for the last oldest topics I think), and that’s what this topic stands for.

It is meant to summarise all the players’ requests, to be sure that some Flare developers would read them. I 'm feeling that my defense is more and more useless, even with my five workers working 24/7 on my towers and obstacles, players with 300 trophies less than me can still destroy my base very easily…

If they are really working on it, well, great, just don’t make us wait too long :stuck_out_tongue:

gate to cast all kinds of spells regardless of hp % poison>fire>ice>skull>stun>black magic 

Yeah, programming a game must take a lot of time (I’ve never done such a complicated game, but I’ve programmed) and I bet it will take some time for them to make something new, cool and functional, possibly a month or so (just a speculation). And yeah, let’s hope the new feature doesn’t take too long xD

I do have some suggestions which I had earlier mentioned in ‘New Set of War Boosts’. I’ll summarise them in short. These are mainly for defense.

  1. Frost Tower Boost - Extra HP & Additional Piercing Damage.

  2. Blockade Boost - No Extra HP but additional 25% resistance to all types of damages so 75% weakness instead of 100% to blunt damage thereby making it tougher. Also Deals Poison Damage after it is destroyed in an area of 2.00 for 3 seconds.

  3. Mortar Boost - Faster attack rate & more bombs released per attack in different direction. The bombs deal less damage proportionately



  1. Black Magic Tower - Copies units just like Black Magic Spell & Stuns enemies for a second. 3 ‘charges’ are there. Upgrading the tower means more shadow morale & more charges. In each charge the tower can copy units upto say 15 morale at level 1. It’s resistance would be fire & poison damage but weakness can be limited to bunt damage only.

  2. Fan Tower - Like FBs & LTs it sits in the middle of the path. It has a huge fan rotating & dealing massive normal damage. It’s Elite Boost would be Fire Fan dealing Fire damage & higher attack rate. It’s weakness could be Ice & Blunt, like Skull towers.

Love the post!


Thx Maerique

I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking for all these old topics and comments, so I hope it will help .

Good work DarkStorm :slight_smile:

I believe you have missed this one (and it is 4 pages long):

I have a few comments:

1. Every new update that is introduced disrupts the balance (or breaks something else) in the game. One example: The ninja event is getting better but it has really broken the war system in many ways. Why? There was a time when we choose to go for max chests at the expense of a win. War chests has lost its value. There are many other reasons.

  1. About 6 months ago RR2 was on 2 million downloads (if my memory is correct). It is now at 5 million downloads. Lots of new players joined and it was the best strategy to favor new players and new money (at the expense of the loyal lvl 100+ kings).  My lvl 80 king can win many boosted lvl 100+ kings with 4300 trophies from alliances that is in the top 50.

  2. The really sad thing for me is that even if the defense is improved it is fundamentally broken by the gold algorithm. Proof : Get 5-15mil gold and remove all defenses. You will not loose more that 2-3 mil a day. This is wrong : you should loose everything in the first 7 attacks. When this happen then better defense has a value. Defense towers are really the last thing a new king need to focus on and this makes it a really low priority because of the relatively few that need it (because the built in gold protection algorithm).

  3. I can summarize the above frustrations by one word: " cheating". It feels like cheating when so much balancing is done to favor new players. At some point this feeling change to a conviction that the game balancing is cheating me. Going forward with this will help new kings - but it is frustrating the loyal 1 year plus playing kings (and many of them are leaving).  


Thanks OilFire. The topic you’ve mentioned is in the last quotes of topics, have a look again  :grinning:  

The same for me, and agree for the new players. For them the system is great since they can beat maybe 1000 trophies players at the very beginning of the game, and they don’t see any drawback for them given that they are among the lowest players of the game.

I’m not even playing for 8 months, but I’m getting tired of being beaten by 2400 trophies players (I’m 2800 trophies). I have 4-5 workers upgrading my defense buildings 24/7 for 1 month, but it is getting worse and worse


Maerique seldom give complements. So when he does give a complement - you should know you have done something very well.  :slight_smile:

I also like this statement!  :slight_smile:

question is really:

defense too weak, or spells and troops too strong.

the war-boosts are too strong in my opinion. 

The forging of spells and troops and defenses are not balances at all.

Of course the forging is not balanced. Max ranged sonic blast and firestorm are a bit OP, and even when not maxed, the forging make the troops and the spells too strong.

But the problem is that we can’t juste remove the perks, or the paid players who buy loads and loads of pearls are not going to be very happy ^^

The only thing that is possible to do is to improve defense, by adding a new special tower or obstacle, or a special defensive unit that could effectively counter the offense. There have been so many suggestions for defense just have a look on the first post.

Count me out, I seriously don’t want extra defensive stuff. All we need is already there. It’s only way too expensive and because of that not attractive to do so.

Only thing required to improve defense is lowering cost to forge defense and cooldown of he forge.

Say you have some pearls, where do you spend them?

  1. Troops are highest priority. They are for offense and defense. Stronger troops will make you benefit most. Most players are already out of pearls here.
  2. Spells are second, forging them will make you win more raids. Players only forge them when they still have pearls left or give it higher priority over forging a troop. But most fall back on forging troops after doing minimal forges like improving range of sonic blasr 5 times to knock down firebolt behind a fence.
  3. Items are third, they strengthen your offense. Only a few amongst us can afford it.
  4. …A lot of players will stop here.
  5. Defensive structures.

Most players only invest in everything except defense in terms of forges. We are still improving defensive stuff by upgrading them to higher levels with workers, but investing in making those structures stronger by forging is totally skipped.

Why defensive structures come on last place? It costs way too many pearls and you can only improve one structure by a forge, while troop forges count for all future troops spawned of that category. In terms of investment it’s not attractive to do so.

It also costs way too much plus takes way too long before seeing any improvement. You literally need to forge a bunch of towers for a long time to see any improvement. Because most people can’t afford that amount of extra needed pearls to do so, they don’t work on defense. Nobody wants to risk falling behind and as long as other stuff isn’t forged to max, defense will be ignored. 

If pearls for defensive strucured were seriously lowered (factor 3 till 5)  and cooldown time also was reduced, I would spend pearls on a bunch of towers and would seriously consider to work one week on troops and next week on defense. And then you would see defense close the gap. Just imagine what 10+ forges on a group of towers could make a difference.

Like I said, most players don’t invest the pearl in defense just now, because they realise it’s way too steep and taking an eternity to see any improve. And since they realize they can’t afford those pearls and spend them better on other stuff, offense of most players is way stronger than defense. Tell me, can you beat your own defense? I bet most players will say yes. If you had some forged structures, that would be a different story I guess. Forges can be seen as little insta boosts per tower, only the cost is too high for investment.

That trend must be broken. Forges on defense must become attractive.

I don’t want extra defensive stuff, I want lower costs for defensive forges.