WE WON.....BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes finally five days of continuous raid my alliance funny people got victory.we first eliminated blood hammer and we got two victories over soul taker but the most interesting and tough season was against athletics(they are tough).after lot of hard work and team cooperation we finally got those three boost.

But my conclusion about those boost are:-

1-doom gate is too weak,its firing capacity is weak because the time it is taking to shoot poison bombs after arrow are quite high and in that time only some good level cannons can easily crush the castle gate.

2-my mummy level is three then also I didn’t find any significant increase in mummy capacity.

3-froster blaster is good.

C.I.A. won our War Season as well.


One alliance mainly hit another alliance that couldn’t fight due to the glitch and had the easy road.

We fought a tough tough battle against them and won.



Frost Arblaster is easily my favorite of the new boosts. It’s a killer unit.


We have Blazing knight activated so Surprise Mummy is a killer unit as well.


Doom gate is a boost that needs to have a max castle gate… If you plan on making use of this boost you gotta max your castle gate.

The Mummy does just as quickly, but does more damage, which I like ^.^ The interesting thing about Mummy though, is that since it does DoT, enemy units still have time to kill it. So it’s still best used as a shield.

Arblasters are freaking amazing. Kind of OP, actually. Makes a lot of other units obsolete ):

I’m glad to hear that Doom Gate isn’t great (yay rhymes). Keeps us from having have’s and have-not’s. Like, if Doom Gate was OP, we’d just have the same alliances winning every season.

Boosts are justs additions and/but vincible. It doesn’t make you God-like.