We won war and we were taken away war blessings

Before the update we won the war first, according to the game we obtained the blessings that we already had, mermaid, caron and jellyfish, but they took it from us, they only left us mermaid, we are in the LEGA DE REYES, my alliance is LATINAMERICANO

You win blessings at the end of the 6 week war season, not after 1 week wars. If you don’t prolong them and let them expire, they’re gone until the end of the next season

The 3 blessings were active until the maximum of days, when the season ended, it was announced that we had won those 3 blessings again and only active siren was left.

Please contact customer support, if you are missing Blessings.
You can do so here (English ticket):
Thank you!