hello guys…according to you guys what are the most weakest points in a base…i mean in my opinion I find bases having no pyromancers or having pyoromancers but in 7th or eight waves are quite easy to defeat than others having pyromancers in each waves.for example bases named nealdiamond and zzz_baolong_zzz are the two bases in which kings are having more trophies than me and they give me good amount of medals too but I find it too easy to defeat there bases as they prefer cannons and airblasters more than pyromancers,they have no pyromancers and since my favourite combination is cannons and frosters and absence of pyromancers in defence makes their work easy.while I search players in matchmaker I always give preference to those having less pyomancers in there defence(my trophies-2411,lvl-68)…guys if you know bases not having pyromancers but then also good,suggest some…

Pyromancers are not the real problem in the game.

Try this base ign: (Rehanahmed) and reply me

Not sure why you’re finding pyromancer as deadly , they really don’t do enough damage defensively even against level 60+ king (I have level 62 account)


If you have fire shield pauldron+armor , everything becomes easier really against firebolt+pyro


My biggest problem is monster even in level 62 account.Ultimately it all depends on the design and wave composition+raider’s skills/attack combo.

@fii nami-dude actually in my raids two units are always same I.e frosters and cannons.i know pyromancers are not deadly to the hero but they are much deadly to almost all the other units and in my case cannons and frosters both are weak towards fire.and I hv heard that even a level seven swordrain can’t kill a max level pyromancer in one shot.see most of the average level players like me prefer parallel paths in their defence and it becomes too hard to carry your units with you when good level pyromancers are present in defence.yesterday I hit a base having a death trap consisting three firebolt towers attacking at the same time with waves consisting many airblasters and pyromancers,I got raid at that base.hey btw which monster is your problem because gargoyles are not much useful and only some put mummy in there defence but I agree ogre and werewolf are dangerous…

@samarijack-dude let me open my third spell slot,as soon as it get open(hopefully in one week),my first visit will be on his base.although I tried his base with two spell slots I.e firestorm and bladestorm and two unit slots I.e cannon and frosters.I get raid on his base with one resurrection and took 8 trophies from him,but my conclusion from this raid is I can beat his base easily if all my spell slots are open because then I can have one defensive spell to protect my units.all the units except ogre in his base are not doing any harm to my units because frosters are resistant towards mortars,werewolf and gargoyles.

But I must say initial 30 seconds are quite deadly on his base:-)

Oh dear… make sure to get that 3rd spell soon! :slight_smile:



u clearly haven’t met the level 4 gargoyle yet


hope you have fun in the 3000-4000 trophy range :grinning:

@teh kenster- dude I already met them and I agree those are deadly but I think flare had made some changes in blizzard it is recovering fast and also its power is increased that is why now it is easy to protect yourself from gargoyle and pyromancer both.

well just so you know in the 3000 trophy to 4000 trophy range gargoyles are the most common troop on defence


good luck protecting yourself!!


try my base if you want its not very strong

Ken you’re monster base was way stronger, and ya gargoyles are my bane in the game, every raid I see gargs then I press attack… Rip 40 trophies xD

@ atlas I don’t really like having a strong base anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

@teh kenster-dude you have much more experience than me and also your base is too much heavy for my trophy range players but as soon as my trophies touches the 3000 mark I will see you at your castle gate…:wink:

Ooh can you attack me too please :slight_smile:

by the time your there I might be at 4000 tho! :grinning:

I’ll get there first, race you to to finsh :wink:

@teh kenster-don’t worry as soon as it touches the 3000 marks I am going to attack no matter what’s your trophy level will be…and @silver-soon your wishes will be full filled;-)

Swordrain or blizzard takes care of them… try it! :grinning:

Yes but efectetive agenst paladens

I don’t use pyromancers but my defence is good try king Kwabena