Weapons and amenities

Can someone explain to me why the amenities you get in chests like shields and swords have higher numbers (or levels) in the corners with a green or blue background than that of purple and gold which is supposed to be God-like? And the amenities with gold and purple backgrounds are worth a lot more which leads me to believe they are the weapon or shield of choice but the numbers indicating strength or speed etc indicate otherwise.  Maybe each color is scaled individually ?  What do you guys use?

Hello Cwhitgo,

Are you comparing your already equipped items with some new ones you can obtain in chests?

When you level up your Ascension level, the items you can find are therefore better than the ones you already have.

If you acquired your Legendary or Godlike items at another Ascension level, some Epic or Magic items might be better.

Also, you can receive an Epic/Magic item with a better stat than your currently equipped Godlike item, but the other stat might be lower than what you currently have, so keep an eye on all.

So because legendary and godlike weapons acquired at a lower Ascension level aren’t as good as as epic/magic Weapons acquired at a higher one, then the next question is why are they worth more?  I would like to assume value and level go hand in hand, but it doesn’t seem so.  Sorry to bother you with these questions, but I’m just trying to make sense of it all.


The price is influenced by the level of the item, as well as the perks (and their value which also depends on the level of the item).

As you got perks with higher stats on higher level items, those can worth more gold.