Weapons for the King: Sword/Hammer, Bow/Crossbow, and Wand/Staff

I want to recommend adding two new classes of weapons for the King.


What we already have is the sword/hammer.


But I know a lot of players prefer ranged combat and would like to have their King as a ranged unit. 

So I’m suggesting:


The Bow/Crossbow.  Like any other weapon given the current battle situation you may choose your old Sword or the new Bow (which you just paid gems to buy)! 


The Wand/Staff would increase the King’s magical abilities, and I could see that going two ways (but both ways we have to pay more gems to buy it!  Flare should be happy about that!) 

First I was thinking the Wand/Staff could be for converting enemy units at range! 

Or it could allow the King to project his spells at range. 

I’m game for either.

King should be a king not a archer or a arblaster… And this is not disney world to give king a wand cuz king is not harry potter and king is not gandalf for carrying a staff… Anyway awesome i was sitting here sad and your thread made me laugh alot… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah come on man… You have the worst imagination… How about giving the king bunch of grenades, ak-47 and machine guns? Pretty imagination right

Yeehaaa, lets have horse for the king



Do you agree maerique?



Yeah, I like it!  Yeah don’t we have any norse mounted units?  They were pivotal in combat!

Oh, man. Nithin made a better job than me at making fun of Maerique 

Maerique, please we dont need horse lets have a pony or a cow, how about buffalo? hope for t-rex to ride on…

If u hvnt noticed, the king’s meele damage isn’t much of a factor nd it makes him vulnerable too.

If u provide him with a bow, it ll take away that vulnerability nd he ll be much much harder to kill.

The mace and flail is also medieval, if we stick to european weapons. And the shield of course

I agree a bow would do nice and have horse unit of course not for the king

Actually the King is supposed to ride in a shielded Chariot with a team of Uber - Arblasters mounted on Boosted Unicorns.