Wednesday and the question arises again

Who will win the race of the event announcement this time?

  • Will it be facebook? Serious contender …
  • The forums? Unlikely. Outsider chance.
  • None at all? Possible. Could upset a lot of people.

Place your bets :wink:

last time it was in forum,this time fb i guess


I bet the announcement will take place on in-game splash screen that showing the event already started.

What about ingame announcement popup referring to forums for “more details” with dead link? :wink:

Anyway, kudos for the wording @Mogor!



Forum won :v

Yes but we all lost…Uber Granny Days  :stuck_out_tongue:

:slightly_frowning_face:  granny should by with BS :slight_smile:  then everyone will by happy !!! :wink:

Granny Days is the anti blacksmith event. Items are less worth and result in lesser pearls

And the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss:

Theeeeeeeeeeeee foruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumsssss!

No bets on the forums, the 1000 prize gems will not be given out :wink:

Good luck next time. Start forging now :slight_smile:  I already did it, 17k pearls gone :open_mouth:

Depend for who. For me its the best event. Tomorrow I will be able to buy 3 more inventory slots for 750 gems and probably I will do a Cave of good grave for additional +1. So +4. This event come just in time :grinning:

So sad :slightly_frowning_face: because of my internet I have lost the pearls conversion when I have spend my 750 gems. I should have gain like 1500 pearls but nothing. Hope its just a huge delay. I will check later. Because of that my quest Diver don’t have advance at all. I get I guess the same bug like the Blacksmith when the pearls don’t work

Edit : Never mind I got 0 pearls for spend 750 gems :slightly_frowning_face: the game don’t have convert same after wait.

I think you’ll get much less than that in Uber Granny Day because there’s no point event that grant you more pearls per gems spent = as if you’re in a normal occasion.

That point is on Blacksmith Meltdown event. However, they only grant you 1 pearl for every 2 gems spent, so if you spent 750 gems, you’ll get 375 pearls.

No I can check my older video the conversion its not low like this. When you spend 250 gems = 300-350 pearls so at 750 gems = around 900-1000 pearls. I always get around 350 pearls for 250 gems spend in Uber Granny. So that why I say I got a bug who don’t convert and got 0 pearls .

Edit : After check my video its 150 pearls for 250 gems. So for 750 gems its 450 pearls. But still I got 0 :slightly_frowning_face: its not the end of the world if I lose 450 pearls. Next time I will get it :slight_smile:  

If they give you that much pearls then I guess you already completing the “Pearl Diver” quest, aren’t you?

However, if you got 0 pearls, I think it’s bug. You should report it.

The normal conversion is 3 pearls for 10 gems. During blacksmith event it’s 5 for 10.
If you got 1:1 or even better, it was a bug :wink:  So you lost 225 pearls. They may come
late though, i also noticed sometimes they are credited in the next session …

I send a ticket hope I can get my 450 pearls :slight_smile:

I think you’ll get less than 375 pearls.
If what Mogor said is true, you’ll get 225 pearls when you spent 750 gems.

Hope you’ll get your pearls soon. ?

sorry my mistake I just have do wrong calculation lol. I just wake up lol give me a chance lol. Wow ok 300 -150 = 150 divised by 2 lol its 75 pearls for 250 gems. Never mind I said nothing lol. Just forget what I said. Wow the morning its not my stuffs lol

750 gems its 220-225 you have right lol


The conversion back in the day was 1 for 10. For a long time now it is 3 for 10 (over a year).
Check the wiki:

During blacksmith event it’s more, 5 for 10: see last event:

In community week it was sometimes 1 for 1 gem:

You got a lucky bug there :wink: