Weekly Challenges

Infinity Blade has this thing wherein they introduce new challenges every week. However, they put certain conditions on these challenges so that you can’t just spam the same strategy over and over again.

I think it’d be cool if RR2 did this with dungeons. Every week, there might be a new Challenge dungeon, and with different requirements. For example, “Don’t use Cannons” or “Beat the base without using Spells” or even “Beat the base using only [3 specific units].” I feel like it would test players to see if they really understand all of the game mechanics, and thus, would provide variety in the game. The rewards wouldn’t even have to be that much; just enough to make the dungeon worthwhile.

This is really genius for us player and for flare games in general…


It would make it so that dungeons would never be finished meaning more hours of fun for players and a new reason to spend gems.

“Weekly challenges” sound like a good idea, and there’s many options for such challenges.

I.e. some in the format of use / don’t use certain/any spells/troops/scrolls/king’s-melee-attack on 1/n raid(s) on one-particular/different bases… and many more options for challenges… 


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That awkward moment when you don’t recognize your own thread

But yes, I agree entirely (: I feel it would kinda mix things up~

it sounds awesome! I wish there can be weekly or even daily challenges like the dungeons with mysterious rewards that would be amazing!

Haha yeah :wink:


Btw it might be interesting to see whether or not the alliance wars might be able to fill that spot (at least partially)… but independent of the wars, some single-player challenges/quests would still be appreciated.