[Weekly][Gems] Player of the Week - dbcdiogo !!!

Hello Community!


Have you ever dreamed of being a star? Having your name written in big letters?

We offer you this opportunity every week!




  • Take part by answering the question: Why do you deserve to be player of the week?
  • Each player is allowed to post only once per week
  • The event resets every Monday around noon (german time).


  • The winner’s name goes into the topic of this post for one week and we will all appreciate you!
  • The winner will also receive 500 Gems!


Good luck!


Winners list:

  •   WobblyGoblin  
  • Entikey
  • Pyromaniac
  • Heroesflorian
  • LS59
  • Mogor Manus
  • oPelle
  • wiltotan
  • The1Mo
  • jazzpreet01
  • Zeus1986
  • minkhieen
  • scarfior
  • leoblack96
  • thiru130
  • buuks
  • tranquankkk
  • Skenia
  • dbcdiogo

Ign : wiltotan


Me being star? WOW THANKS

Ign-Cpt Anjishnu

IGN :- Subhra Jeet

IGN :- abhijot

there is a problem in this page, I am unable to follow this page.


yes I wanna be a shining shimmering star!!!

ign: delicious ZOELICIOUS

i want to be a star. plz gypsy rose.i want to see my name in lights

ign: Thunder&Storm

Just returned after 2 months break!! Ign - Zohaib The King

IGN : CrizR

Just 4 my account…

Ign: xXAtlas1000Xx

GypsyRose, you will always be a star to =df= :slight_smile:

My IGN: Wobbly

IGN: ShadowKid24

IGN: Krman

IGN: Heissenberg.


ign: Prithivi

sorry Aether, I mistakenly posted two times.