Weekness or Resistance


I have a Firestorm level 6 (that have 1550 fire and 3 second to finish fire)

I have Pyromancer level 6 (that have 145 fire and need 4 leadership)

I have Firebolt level 5 that weeknees is 250% from fire and Hp is 9570

If I use firestorm for destroy Firebolt, It’s not good and the firebolt stay with little hp. But If I use Pyromancer to destroy Firebolt, if it throw a fire, just 1 (one) fire destroy my Firebolt!!!

Why? Why this happen?

Can say what is 100% weekness?!

Sorry about my English.





From that link tell Pyromancer give 11-fold damage

Where are they from?

Why for fire spells use 4 and for pyromancer use 11?!


Take that chart on the Wiki with a grain of salt.  The numbers that are not available in game were data-mined by an early player using Windows 8.  Unfortunately he has gone inactive and no one who is active actually knows how to get those numbers.  They could have changed or could have always been incorrect.


That said, it is easy to explain why a Pyromancer can defeat a FB tower (and why I usually skip FB towers with my hero and let the Pyros who follow me handle them):


The Pyromancer resists 75% fire damage, so he takes very little damage from the tower.  On the other hand the tower takes 350% (100%+250%) damage from fire, so the tower takes a ton of damage from the Pyromancer.  Short answer:  Pyromancers are a hard counter to firebolt towers.


By Trial & Error, I guess?

There are many hidden features in the game. For example you may question why a bladestorm can destroy a blockade of 8000hp faster than the 2800hp paladin even though the latter has weakness to normal. I also believe the hero has over 1000% weakness to snakes and frosters have 50% resistance to piercing.