Weird attack

I don’t know if it is supposed to be so but firebolt towers can attack through buildings. I see it often when there is firebolt tower in the corner and next to it another tower. This is strange, at least for me. Changing it may affect on attack and defense strategy but I think that firebolt towers shouldn’t attack through buildings (and probably arrow towers can do it also). What do you think about that?

Simply the game is not designed to create physical arrows that pierce other defensive structures,probably would cost more Kb to add to the game. 

Probably if they would create real arrows you could protect yourself with a firebolt tower and  in the meanwhile destroy one behind.  :wink:

Perhaps In the game the reason why Firebolt Towers can shoot through buildings is because realistically speaking in real life a Firebolt Tower would be one of the Tallest structures in a Castle when it comes to defensive measures, thus the arrows being able to reach attackers even with other buildings in the way.