Weird rewards by Matchmaker


This was the reward from matchmaker. It’s a death trap. :stuck_out_tongue:  

Also, I have noticed that matchmaker punishes harder for failed raids. For a 0% raid using matchmaker, I lose 60 trophies. For random 0% raid, I lose just 16 trophies. If you value your trophies, don’t use matchmaker. 

LOL it’s really a death trap. If I attack him, I’m sure I will be crushed in 20 secs :))

This should be on 1000 Ways To Die  :stuck_out_tongue:

Dumb ways to Die… :stuck_out_tongue:  


If he not in a heavy boosted alliance I would hit him. I have losses before and probably will loss a few more times in the

I revive this topic. This time, I got big rewards and I have a screenshot of it.

Well I haven’t really dropped trophies. I was at 2978 before the raid and my all-time high was about 3101. So… has anyone got better trophy rewards. Do post it here. I am sure, 50 from a raid would be possible. Just thinking, the person whose base was raided will say, what was my crime to have such a good base.  

Some kings in my alliance say they sometimes overpower 500 medal bases. Can someone post a pic of a 500+ medal win?

Flothaboss can get 2000+ medals. I was talking about trophies.

500 is easy for high level kings.