Welcome New Pet Pal Hans




Always Fastest Sharing


Nice videos bro keep them coming.

I have only one suggestion. You are putting three raids in each video. On pal’s testing video try to make two raids in regular combo but last one with pal flute.

We are waiting for beast version.

Or if you are making completely dedicated video on pal flute with Hans then also awesome…I just can’t wait ?

Also we want new nemesis video too. Plz work hard our lovely creator.

Lots of Love.



beast version coming soon bro thanks for proposal.giving you everything at a time squeezes you over time. did you unstand me :wink:


hard work making a video every day


hans is so bad its not even worth a video lol , but keep up the good job




This forum will end soon. It was announced that the forum will be moved to a new site in the near future.
Therefore, there is a person who acts unfortunate before that.
I consulted with a friend of my alliance general.
Please be careful also with you. From aslan with respect to you



I beg to differ, he’s actually quite useful when upgraded. I have him at level 8 and he does a ton of damage!