Welcome Phoebe beast


Congrats ! Now time to practice on your bases to see how it does in real raids, not in PL :wink:

I think with mummy its no sense

too easy every base


Tried it :slight_smile:

For sure it is not that Phoebe that we saw in PL. How many pals needed for next level Cromka ?

level 1 wont be any good

First is 25

Second is 50


Only 25 for level 1 unlock? That means it’s not good


The rest are 50 I thought, that’s 50% off

and please don’t say noob, I know what I’m saying, It’s been almost a year since I started, and I’ve been around for all the pals and stuff

At least give a reason why you called me that

A)1 phoebe pal is like 50 wolfes

B)flare reduced from 50 to 25. In start it was 50

need wait after war test it without mummy. but congrate for good team work and unlock it


A) What does that have to do with calling me a noob? I was saying that the BEAST doesn’t look good (and by 25 pals, means it’s not worth as much as others). Primal Howl is the worst, so yeah, Phoebe is gonna 50 times better than him…and with two powers.

B)Okay I haven’t ever seen that availablity of the Phoebe in the Beast Overview. That’s not because I’m a noob, that’s cause I’m in an alliance that doesn’t have one Phoebe pal

Okay, so please give some real reasons why I’m a noob

Primal howl is the best beast ?

You noob because you dnt know difference between 1 phoebe pal and every other. 25 phoebe is like 200 usual.

thats enough to be noob)

Will see after war, im think same, but need to check

Of course that he don’t know the difference… me either. Not every alli has Phoebe beats like mighty VL :grinning: …so it do not make him noob… LOL

But thanks to explain this anyway ^_^


tbf Cromka is right, you’re a noob if you think phoebe is worthless cuz it require less pal to unlock it…

this is a pro pal which in current moment can only be obtained by buying pro chest or special package for like $100 (3 phoebe) ofcourse its going to cost less pal to unlock and level up!


Apo wll get soon, Vn close

he noob not about VL, but about he dnt understand how is this game working

we all was noob, i dnt see offend here

but whole VL did this beast, more then 10 silver crowns, more then 25 bronze, gold and we even have not enough pals to make it without offers