Welcome Phoebe beast

Why didnt you explain this to @AwesomestKnightest in the first place?

Apparently he just did not face Phoebe yet. Why call this young man a noob? Was that really necessary?

 @Cromka1 Keep in mind, you might appear to be a noob to some people too, because lately you seem to feel the urge to make a forum post for every new achievement of your clan.   :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. 1) of course I’m a noob about VL, I’m not in it and probably never will be. 2) Yes, I do understand how it works, but it’s as @MagischerKoenig pointed out. I’ve never faced the Phoebe beast, only seen it in Flotha’s vids. From the videos it seemed that it was really good in the Pro League defenses, but in the video that @Mag showed of the new Phoebe beast, it looked horrible. I was only saying that the Phoebe beast must be bad at level 1 because it was 50% less than any other Beast to get. But I realize now (thanks for pointing this out too @Cromka1) it costs 25 to get because it is 10k pro crystals to get 1 (20K for 2, which is necessary for donating). I didn’t think about this when I wrote my first post, so I’m right that the Beast is bad at level 1, but the reason I gave wasn’t right. Hope that cleared a few things up (or just blurred them even more lol)

Before making such a bold conclusion, ask urself:

  • why is everyone talking bout d beast, want it, making forum topic calling flares to be able to buy it to try the flute

  • is it a pro pal? how much does it cost? Take how many league, what rank to achieve (one)? Is it available anymore? Compare to a 50 beast level 1 popular tammy that is “strong because 50 for level 1”, and can get from daily box

  • what is its stats at lv1? What its special abilities?

  • if u stop wandering in the forums and actually play the game again (ok, broken laptop, but still here), do proleague, search some vids, see the top players got rekt by dat beast, will u say the same?

we are all noob, not big deal. so learn, dont be so bold.

correction: 20k a pal, not 10k. Where did u get that?

There’s a bunch of people on these forums who jump to the craziest conclusion for everything.  A few weeks ago Phoebe beast was OP and going to ruin the game, now it’s useless, despite no stats changing in the mean time.

There will be a bunch of people complaining about low unperked basilisk and Viking being useless and not a worthy addition to the game, then, in a few weeks, will be crying when they become the new go-to units.

There clearly is things that can be improved in the game, but, in general, it’s quite well balanced.

Lolol. it is actually 20k crystals to get one

Basilisk tower soon will be absolutly must near gates

I didn explain cuz im not wikipedia.

why u named him YOUNG MAN? Does it matter? We are all same here, no matter young or old

i m noob, even if so i really dnt care cuz i dnt think its bad.

oh haha, yeah, now you can call me a noob, it’s just cause I’ve not been to the shop in like 2 months

I forgot it was 20k, I rarely go to the shop, and I just got the prices mixed with another piece of equipment. It must be an off day for me lol

Guys, you can call me a noob, but there’s one thing I don’t quite get.

How did unlock it a few days ago when the Phoebe pal hasn’t been around to get for the past month? Did someone just forget that they had a spare Phoebe in their pal inventory? Or did you actually get it ages ago but just posted it now because you forgot?

One time offers :slight_smile:

They unlocked it now I think. Maybe someone bought it in the offer.

Nice. You can get Phoebe in those pal chests?

In pal chests no but there are offers e.g.  gems, 3xPhoebe and uber chests to buy via money.

Okay, I get your point…but just one more piece of information…wikipedia is not truth always…people can write whatever they want on that. That doesn’t make it the truth

I don’t have the same amount of storage for thought as a full grown man would lol

I save my most important storage space for history, math, and science exams. You know, the important ones

@KKStar, in “Pal Flute - Forum Contest”, can I write a post related to a pal that I haven’t?

Yes. :slight_smile:

What is PM?