Well organized alliance wanted

Powerfull and very engaged (danish) player communicating in english seeks well organized European/American alliance with permanent boost and ambition. Top 160 preferred.

Level 92

Around 4000 trophies

250k Daily donations.

GOLD DIGGERS. We aren’t top 160, only level 16. We have 12 members. We run boosted knights, archers and barricades. Right now each has 2+ days on them and we have 11 million in the treasury. Looking for people to get in on the ground level and help us grow. Check us out .

Alliance Name: ** Spell Force**

Alliance Level: ** 36**

Main Language: ** English**

Current world rank: ** 154**

Golden Bonus: ** 40 **%

Hey there, try out IGN: League of Shadows; We have a lot of boosts running and most importantly extremely organized - If you’re willing to upgrade your donation to 500K would be glad to have you…


Add me on chat if you would like to discuss this further or you can add another general IGN: Wiltotan and we would be glad to help you with any questions you might have…

pk laughing coffin !

 We are a level 55 alliance. Formerly in the top 20 , and looking to get back in there.

 we are currently rank 65, but with your help, we can climb back up .


we require 250k minimum and 4000 + trophies

and offer several permanent boosts !


apply with us !



We are looking for a few select players who want to join a winning alliance who is filled with friendly, & helpful players.


Results of the Last 8 Wars:


  • Blessed Beasts:  Finished #1

  • Permofrost Power:  Finished #1

  • Berserk Battles:  Finished #1

  • Tower Terror:  Finished #1

  • Ranger’s Revenge:  Finished #1

  • Catacomb Clash:  Finished #2

  • Armageddon Assault:  Finished #1

  • War of the Immortals:  Finished #1



Eight 24/7 elite boosts:

  • Blazing Knight

  • Power Archer

  • Tough Barricade

  • Frost Trap

  • Stunning Ogre

 -Range Bomber

  • Storm Canon

  • Raging Wolf

   ** More to be announced soon.



Alliance top 100  

We Expect:

  • Alliance Tower 11 or 12 (10 if you can provide an upgrade target)

  • 3700 trophy 

  • Donate daily 

  • At least 3 attacks each front during war.

  • Will be some questions asked before sending the invitation



IGN: Sudoer