well play

Hi to all people, my name is daniel and im like this play

I also like this game but I like it as I participles in tournaments and sometimes I find myself second and there is a small gap between us and there is little time left her, if stimulates me to attack but I like to set up defensive strategies

I have a very good strategy for you then attack me while I did before I choose a village at the end of the road has no or almost. building defensive barriers and not much then as I attack I do not attack the defensive buildings instead I will run run to break some barriers to reach the gate of the castle and of course at the heart of kings is jogging can put a healing spell and after it reaches the castle gate he destroyed and I try .and do you see the royal guard so it will not attack you also not to be hurt you if you jogging it’s good when you have a mummy you can use preferably use a mummy and Chevallier ok then test and tell me if is it good or no nothing to me I forget as you destroy the castle gate that is about it is that you have two crowns (raids) and also you win all His gold

My name is Romain and I like play this game.