Well Played Granny

Granny trying to be relevant again and introduced us a powerful uber gear for only 1010 gems (after only 10+ spins)

Keep up the good work granny ??

This would actually be interesting if the uber items could be purchased with gold but I expect they will only ever be offered for gems.  As it is, I virtually never even look at granny and this won’t change that.  

Feature request for Flare - provide a gem AND gold cost for each item.  If a user selects an item, let them choose whether they want to spent gems OR gold to buy it.  If I knew I had the potential to get uber items for gold, I would use granny all the time.

I would buy the Lava-Sword for just 608 Gems …

And that Boulder Sword for 509 gems would be much better investment than buying a couple inventory slots…

Or you just can get nothing for 8 gems.

@Fii Nami Maybe you could add a poll about how long it has been since one’s last granny item purchase for own use (i.e. not for melting)?

Must have been sth like early 2015 for me.

You crazy ? Most would say they never bought, only the veterans like us ever spin and purchase from her

:wink: k at da poll! now plz do something to make her useful, because what you did today was not enough yet!"