Welsh Connection - 23 - English - Hero lvl req: 65

Hello everyone,


Our little alliance Welsh Connection is currently looking for new members, in order to bolster our rank.


 - Please Apply to Join


Trying it the other way around, rather than inviting random strangers from within the game, however, that way we found a great bunch of players. We are a friendly and chatty bunch, but at alliance level 23 in need of a few new recruits.


Our main language is English, but French, German, Dutch and other languages are also spoken, as we come from every corner of the globe.


We are looking for new members, that are:


  • Currently are around level 65 or higher.


  • Be a team member by donating at least 50k every day.


  • Regular participants in wars, at least 3 meaningful battles. :angry:


  • Not too afraid to have a chat with us.


Our current standing:


Alliance level - 23


Gold bonus - 23%


Tax bonus - 9%