Wenger in or Wenger out?

Should Arsene Wenger be fired?

As long as the blonde princess stays in the game with me I don’t care about any Wengers.

Not that I even know who this Wenger is. But I kinda like this cute princess… :wink:

Arsenal fan eih ? Well I vote for Wenger In  :slight_smile:


Lmao Wenger is a 65 year old man. Farthest thing from ur blonde princess  :wink:

You are right , I won’t argue about that  :slight_smile:


But he started a project some 10-12 years ago that only he can finish now and it got almost nothing to do with football result let alone trophies.Its more financial success and stability that will ensure we can continue running the club using self-generated money.Hes preparing something big for the success of the next manager and I am sure about this.


The next two years will also be the period where he will buy a few more world class player like Ozil and Alexis , also for his successor  :grinning:


And don’t worry about coming 4th , we will be in top 4 we always find a way  :lol:


I’m Gooners since 2003 btw

No I don’t think he should be fired. I hope for your sakes he’s not. You would become a mid-table team. kiss goodbye to players like ozil, sanchez. No more champions league, Which he delivers every year. The whole self sustainability that he brought to the club and thrived with is so respectful on many levels.


I think until he fails to deliver at least 4th he should remain and any talk of the sack is unwanted pressure and unrest at the club, which contribues to performance on the pitch.


I don’t think anyone can expect to win anything in the prem, you just have to hope you’re competitive. Arsenal are not at the moment, but they are not far short.


The best thing about Wenger’s philosophy was that he always believed in playing beautiful football. He didn’t believe in playing ugly to get the win. However now the team fails to deliver on both fronts, results & good football.


Our defence makes the same errors week in & week out. This makes one wonder if the coaching staff even works with the team in training. 


We sold our best players to our rival clubs. Tell me if Sir Alex would’ve ever sold Rooney or Ronaldo to another prem club?


Arsenal fans consider their club one of the top clubs in europe that challenges for the EPL title. Top 4 is great but they want to win the EPL. On top of that they see managers like Mourinho just come in & walk away with the title. Its frustrating to say the least :slightly_frowning_face:

Theres a few more big project actually , like to secure mega money sponsorship/deals and to improve training ground.I know about the ticket price its ridiculous , I do know board don’t really care about result and that is why they retain Arsene’s service even after a long trophy drought.But I am also confident that they have set their sight to the future , I think Arsene and board members will got it right in the end.Its a big sacrifice.


I am not happy that we are not winning and playing badly , we suck and even with money available we still reluctant to spend on a DM yes its sucks.But like I said , its not long now only 2 more season and I’m sure we’ll get a new manager maybe even Guardiola as his contract with Bayern expired by that time.He said he’ll come to BPL and we have the perfect setup for him (compare us to Barcelona and Bayern) getting Guardiola is better than Klopp or Simeone IMO

Would love to see Pep at the club. He would be the perfect successor to Arsene. I remember reading somewhere that he wanted to  be United manager. Hopefully that changes by the time Arsene retires :slight_smile: