Were are heroes a lvl 27 guild " NOW RECRUITING"

clan name : were are heroes

clan lvl: 27

Were looking for active players that are 2100+ trophies and lvl 50+  Ascension…

must be super active & donate daily. lvl 5-6 alliance is req.

to apply search  were are heroes   on guild search and wait for approval “please be patient”.

We always have our own “line” 


UPDATE: we just levelled up, so we are now lvl 14 guild. we have one atm but we can replace lower trophies members in the team to make room for higher trophies players.

just wait to get approved.

Hi I started playing yesterday. But I’m ascension 16 and soon 100k trophies and playing very actively. May I join? 

IGN pappatiss

Sure, come join us. Search us up and wait for a approval. I sent you an invite


Update: now lvl 20 alliance


currently looking for one active member to join us with 1400+ trophies and lvl 22+

No offense but this does not sound like a very appealing recruitment where lower members are discarded as soon as a higher level player is found. Way to build loyality I guess?

loyalty is not important… growth is… there is no such things as loyalty in a game… anyone can quit the game at any time and also leave to join a more higher alliance or they feel it wasn’t the team for them. do not post a comment on my page, if it not relevant to joining… 

do not post a comment on my page, if it not relevant to joining… 

Currently recruiting ATM. as we moved from rank 21 to 25 today

currently looking for one member as we levelled up today.

were back! I got my account after two weeks trying. 

Welcome back. 

Idbond007 Aussie speaking