Were's my proper Reward for Festival?

I recently came in 1st in the Yeti event. Icompleted all of my Islands with 3 stars (all 30 of them) and at the end I came in at 34th place with 1000 pearls no legendary chests 5 purple chests

and 1 uber. This is not fair I spent gems to unlock island with the purpose of making sure all of them were completed in the allotted time. Now the 80 plus gems I spent on the last 4 islands were for

nothing. I expect compensation as I am sure I am not the only person this has happened to.

Double posting is not going to help a non-issue.

If you feel wronged try a direct line with support. This forum is not the place for that.

A non-Issue? If this is not the place to post a Non-Issue then who the hell are you to decide which issues are non-issues?

P.S If you didn’t want to be talked to like that then you shouldn’t have stepped to me like that its a better way to say things you should try it

That’s a bit of an overreaction. You broke tradition and the forum rules by posting the same thing in two different topics, and were called on it.  

And as far as the forums are concerned, it is a non-issue. Flare won’t answer this kind of post here.  Go to the Support and Help link and submit a ticket. They’ll usually respond positively to that.

Look I get you are frustrated but really here is how I would put it:

Dear FG,

Recently I managed to get 1st place in this game in a slot for people with “so and so many medals” and I feel somewhat wronged not receiving the reward I would have hoped to have gotten.

Though I know I have no additional rights to this reward, even while I did spent effort (time and cash) to get what I hoped to gain, would you still be so kind to check if I was awarded the correct pearls etc?

Thanks in advance.

maybe a better title next time? festival is far the same like Yeti Event. Just for your information. Be careful next time with title. When i have read Festival i was sure you talked about your don’t have receive your holiday chest but you talked about something else. Nothing important just to say that