Werewolf howl.

Does werewolf howl stack? When i just tested my friend’s base (who is very high level), a wolf howled near an ogre. Somehow I just managed to dodge the crazy ogre. Till then 2 more wolves came & howled, the ogre went crazier, as if it had an attack rate of an arblaster. Does werewolf howl stack?

Also can a werewolf howl prevent stun effect?

Nope it doesn’t stack but rather you prolong the duration of it if a second wolf howls.

If you stun a group of troops and then arrive a wolf to howl them, it removes the stun effect for them. Instead wolf even if it is under the howl effect, it cannot be removed by stun.

Apparently it does stack, according to flothaboss’s battlecry vs scream vs werewolf howl video. Maybe I just got my facts wrong. Please correct me if so.

It does stack but the difference is almost meaningless, better to use scream between wolf’s howl’s cooldown.

In that video it just talks about werewolf’s howl, hero scream, battlecry, nothing regarding howl + howl


Thanks for the replies but does it stack at all, the question is does it stack or not? I know it won’t be 2x but is it like 1.1x? Would be good if someone could explain this to me.

Hi, under forging of wolf, if i forge the attack rate, will it result in wolf howling more often? 

Wolf howls when an opposition unit comes. Attack rate forge means it will deal more damage per second. I don’t think it will lead to more howls.

But at the same time, wolves howl after dealing some attacks, so if he ends his attacks faster, then maybe he’ll howl sooner,

True but werewolf never really deals any decent damage to anything except cannons. Instead, a health or howl range forge would be better according to me.