Werewolf: Jumps over barriers, but just stops at the first tower!!! POINTLESS!!!

Nobody uses the werewolf!

I’m a level 82, and I have never once seen in my attack history that I’ve been attacked by werewolves! 

Not once!


And the reason is when you first get the werewolf you’re like: awesome it jumps over barriers!

Then you use it in one attack and realize it hops the barrier, stops and gets killed by the first tower! 

So really it’s not a new unit it just dies one space farther in!


A new unit would jump the barrier, his inteligence would be like the mummy’s and he’d just pass right by the towers looking for units to kill.  Therefor he’d be great for sending on the long journies around the L shaped base to kill the archers in the bottom of the L.


Also note: I firmly believe all monsters should have a 50% resistance to poison. 

Wolves are a must at high level gameplay. But it’s true, sometimes they like to do what they want, they either run away or are stuck but overall, if you can control them with your scream they are very powerful :wink:

As above, I don’t know any higher level player that doesn’t raid with wolves nowadays, probably the most powerful unit in the game.

Its howl thats make a big difference in raid

Use support spell and scream will help

I will add one more thing, jumping over barricades is not the power of the wolf, actually you don’t want him to run away, you want to keep him with all your troops,  howl is his main power :wink:

Hey, Maerique, I came to differ!  :slight_smile:

I guess you and I are at very similar levels (I’m level 79), it’s true that until now werewolves are not very used in offense. but that doesn’t mean it’s useless in a later part of the game. Actually, what I know from some high level players is that they use werewolves a lot specially when boosted to support all of the units.

Im lvl 82 83

I use werewolf on all my raid


Maybe above 82 they are useful, but why not make their wall jumping skill useful?  It’s as I said: Pointless.

Jumping over barricade is also great combo so wolf is the first encounter wave so then they will howl,

Wolf wont howl if not facing any troops so if they stay back all ur troops doesnt get its howl advantage

Thats why u need good control on ur troops and wolf

Agreeing to the others saying wolf, at least boosted, is very powerful.

And a single solo unit advancing through the whole base won’t make sense anyway - already the “stop at first tower” werewolf can easily move forward too far, and then get easily killed without support from my king and other troops, while the wolf’s most powerful thing - the area howl boost - is nearly useless as well when he’s on his own… 

Speaking of the mummy’s intelligence… well… stunning barricades and blockades instead of hitting them isn’t too intelligent either :wink:


Anyway, I usually raid with 9k leadership, so I guess there are plenty of kings with lower level than me but still same/higher leadership. Still, my 9k are enough to raid even with a “ogre, wolf, mummy” combo…