Werewolf: leader of the pack rune lv 6


Thank you for the valuable video.:heart_eyes:
I found six small wolves like Pal’s Howl. (I think you summon about 3 small pal hawl per howl.)

Holy moly this is broken :rr2villainscream: but I like it.
Thanks for showing !

mesmerising… truely amazing… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

amazing :smiley: thanks for sharing the video

… i think i will need some years to get it :pensive:

But the result not really satisfy, 1 howl 3 puppy, spending hundred thousand of pearl, and uncountable cash, it is not worth to invest. (advice from my friend)

Flare, please boost this little puppy.

Look at them cuties :wolf::wolf::wolf::wolf:

Welcome back, they are so cute, but they are so weak.

Feedback is always welcome :slight_smile:

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In that video, mini werewolves have very low health.

yup, we think so, the puppy very weak, may be like necromancer skeleton?

Hello :slight_smile: ,
once again, thanks for the feedback. We are looking into how to improve the Rune and changes can be expected in that regard.

Feel free to continue to use this topic for feedback on said Rune :slight_smile:

I think It is to hard to get you need exactly 15,625 lvl 1 runes to get 1 uber maybe make it more common or make like every 3 runes you can upgrade.

When someone already paid so much money to get level 6? Nay too late.

Level 6 is useless anyway so you’re not missing out on anything.

Not useless at all. Increase the % of bleeding effect. And little wolves take some little damage that does’nt hit the hero or the wolf himself.
So, more chance for the wolf to howl, and tank effect of the wolf slightly increased.

I would equip only runes either at level 1 either at level 6.