WereWolf - My impressions

With Elite Boosts bringing a new paradigm to the game and Flare upgrading werewolfs stats and making it more powerfull than ever I tried them recently extensively in defense and tried with offense when our alliance reached level 28 and Raging wolf was unlocked for 24hours.


Of the Elite boosts, I find bases with Raging wolf and Stun Ogre the toughest. They add the most strength to defense.


Flare removed poison damage to werewolf and now only Frosters are their nemesis in the game. I also believe, they made them attack towers too, though not sure if this is recent change or existed all the time.


This post of mine is mainly my comments about my experience of using them for attack.


Werewolf main damage is normal damage and their speciality is their howl acts like a mini battle cry to thier teams troops. They also have an additional ability to jump over the blockades. They have very high speed.


When I tried with them for attack, I loved their speed. They jump the blockades and reach the hero in a very fast manner which helps in using them instead of mummy. But after using it for few raids, I had to go back to mummy due to this main drawback of werewolf attacking towers. They just spend all their time attacking those silly towers when I need them to attack the enemy troops like mummy. Also, I find it odd that their main damage is normal and blockades have 100% weakness to normal damage. Yet they jump them and attack the towers instead. If we switch this, then I see how I can start using shield instead of BLADE STORM with wolf attacking and destroying the blockade (It can jump the barricade as its weak to fire damage and not normal).


So I suggest, If werewolf was made to attack the blockades and ignore towers, then people will start using them in attacks frequently and also shield spell usage will be much more at expense blade-storm if desired.


I know this post is Quite verbose and I failed to explain it in a consise way, but I hope you got the point and I hope to have some valuable input from community members.


I would agree to let the werewolf attack defensive waves instead of towers since they do nothing to towers , a waste of time and morale points there I could’ve spawn 4 cannon in their place and take down all 16 towers with those cannons before werewolf can take down one max skull.

I just started to use the werewolf also. Strong against ogre, werewolf level 1 takes out ogre level 3, but it takes forever whenever they attack a snake tower.


I’m in doubt whether or not starting an attempt to beat the dungeon level with level 2. I need to beat some upgraded werewolves, but think I need to wait for my hero to become a few levels stronger, otherwhise I need to scroll my way through the level.

Pretty sure you would need to scroll through a lot of bases anyway , when I complete all monster dungeon I only scroll against max wolf and max mummy and that is around level 75


Dena4 you are spot on with your observation on snake tower. I found them stuck at snake towers forever and flare should remove wolf attack on towers completely.

Desihero, I was thinking to wait for my hero to raise a couple of more levels, before even taking an attempt to unlock werewolf level 2. It’s the next level I can fight, but because the elite boosts are now even activated on the werewolf in that level, I hesitate if it’s worth the gems.


So it’s wise to wait a while and become some stronger I guess. In the meanwhile, I am going to attempt to upgrade my defence towers plus sonic blast and troops. Does anyone have an advice which scrolls are best to use at that level? I only will use scrolls that use gems, definitely not Pearls. I can experiment at my own base with scrolls so that I get used to those scrolls (I barely use scrolls) and don’t lose any gems unnecessary.


Since werewolves have a lot of trouble taking down snake towers, I always use sonic blast to take them down by myself. Otherwhise the wolves are just useless. Poison of snake tower is not hurting them, but it just takes an eternity for the wolves to take down snake towers. I also feel that werewolves first priority should be to attack troops, second priority attack the castle gate. 


Blessing is the most useful scroll with gems and others are battle cry and summoning.

Thanks Desihero, I am going to experience with these scrolls after Christmas. Now at Christmas eve, there are more important things to do, such speding time with my family. 


Merry Christmas wishes to all of you.

thats the cool thing about werewolves is that they can jump over and ahead.

its what makes them unique.


me not enough moral to use for offence so idk bout its AI, really. most troops are pretty dumb. sounds right.


they look pretty fun in Sn1kt’s videos!