Werewolf Sound Effect ​​​​​​​

To start off, I’d like to let you all know that this is the definition of nitpicking so watch out :wink: . I’m not complaining or anything, but in my most recent attack I started really paying attention to the sound effects of the troops when you spawn them. The creak for the cannon, the, well, cheer for the monk, and the…interesting sound effect for the werewolf. I really like to describe this as the “growling stomach” sound effect. Tell me if you’ve noticed this in your attacks :slight_smile:  

I play with sound off so I don’t tick off all the other people in my surroundings.  

Me too… No noise pollution ?

Same here… Muted just a few min after I started playing. 

Same here…

I noticed that in Flothaboss’ videos he has only the sound effects on, no music. So exactly the opposite :wink:  

I’m more concerned with the random laugh when Kaiser sonic booms things (especially skeletons). :wink:

I suppose I oughta summon a wolf sometime, to verify this. Fact is, I’ve kinda tuned out troops summon sounds (they’re all "yeah"s anyway :grinning: ).

The archer is by far the most annoying. A high pitched squeal :lol: