Werewolf's Howling

Hello there!


Does anyone know what exactly the werewolf’s howling ability does?

Just from my own observations in raids, it seems to increase attack speed of the werewolf and allied units around him.

But does it also increase movement speed or attack strength?

Or does it have some other effects I didn’t even think of yet?


Can this basically thought of as kind of a hero scream, just with the werewolf as “hero”?


Thanks in advance!

Makes him immune to slowing effects.  It doesn’t seem to increase his damage much – although it looks frightening a werewolf beating on your hero doesn’t hurt that much, even when frenzied.

ah, interesting point, thx!


well, a lvl 3 werewolf can actually do quite some damage when frenzied :grinning:

And it frights the troops…you could see the effect on arb: if they are near the werewolves, they run away for few seconds…

Every opposition units run away from werewolf when they howl actually , its like the panic effect when paladin are on fire


Yep, but I would say that the effects is more evident (and not only) in arbs…the cannons doesn’t run way as the arbs do  :wink:

Overall, the werewolf is the less useful monster.


It does not make any significant difference in attack or defense, if it ever disappear one day then none will notice the difference

id notice bases that use it would become harder lol seeing wolf on the menu mean its prime to attack :wink:

Pyromancers are also touchy feely in response to the howl.


The only use I found for the Werewolf is kind of extra hero blocking function and therefore increasing the potential of killing. Due to it being bulky and quick you can put it in the beginning of a wave after 2 ogres or ogre and a mummy. So then it catches up with the 2 other monsters by the time those reach you and I personally find it quite challenging to squeeze past 3 monsters. I think this can be useful if you have your waves under 36 points, which is probably about 99% of the players.

@stanpa : I believe most of the players are having a max of 26moral points. I have reached upto 112 rank and I still dont have full 26 morale waves. My castle gaurd is still level 8. I dont see me going even to 30 morale in next 3 months. Wave upgrade is a big joke and the real diference maker with high paying players to others. If I even have 30 morale, I will add couple werewolfs in my waves for sure.

@desihero: yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking, tomorrow I will have 4 waves with 28. But in my opinion 26 -> 28 is a huge change as it allows you to put 2 ogres and a froster in the same wave. My castle guard is also level 8 at rank 42. I agree, it’s completely unrealistic and depressing. Let’s see if flare gives us enough incentives to upgrade them all by the end of next year :grinning:


Wondering if I should continue with upgrading the remaining ones to 28 or waste 5 days on upgrading the Castle guard to Level 9 and then upgrade my earlier waves higher than 28???

That is the main benefit to the Werewolf I always assumed – you put one in a wave following one with two Ogres – because the werewolf is faster he can nearly catch up to the ogres, making a de-facto 3 monster wave.  Heaven help me when I start hitting 3 ogre waves followed by two werewolves

@Stanpa : I am on my last wave upgrade to 26 and then plan to upgrade castle guard by couple levels. Then I want to upgrade the initial 2 ways max 3 to much higher leaving others at 26 moral only. Since the first 3 repeat having 2 monsters in them with a froster thrown will be good enough for me.


@SimonRev : Imagine 2 ogres and 2 werewolves followed by a full gargoyle waves. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good plan, I think I’ll do the same :grinning:

The werewolf should have backups… that’s a real werewolves TEAM WORK in short… :grinning:

I guess a werewolf plus two ogres is really tough - not just because it’s harder to get past/around the ogred but also because the werewolf howl will make the ogres faster… combine that with a froster and some arblasters in the waves and bam, real death trap! :wink:

The Werewolf also takes less damage while frenzied, making it harder to kill.

I have pretty much the entire schooling on the werewolf. First the were wolf is summoned and you see it dashing straight for the first tower or unit is first in the path, when it howls it has increase speed attack, increase attack damage, increase damage resistance, and increase moving speed, as you see when it howls, the red orbs circle around it like it would if you used a rage spell. Therefore increasing the werewolf by everything for a short period of time. As the enemy units run away, the werewolf chases after them and tears them apart, and moves on to the next unit, it is good to at least have two of them together because one cam attack and the the other would howl, then switching and so on and so on. When the werewolf howls it also sets the other troops in its attack range to rage as well, ( this does not work with your hero) making the werewolf an exceptionable unit for your castle guard and troop for offensive battle, the best troop to use with it is frosters, the frosters will slow down towers and enemies and the werewolf will attack all the slowed defenses. That is all for the werewolf to know about for now.