Werewolves don't "were"!

I was very disappointed aesthetically by the werewolf.  The fundamental quality of a werewolf is it transforms from a human to a wolf and vice-versa. But in Royal Revolt the werewolf is actually just a wolf. 

Albeit a new element of surprise in the game would be for a werewolf to appear like a knight and then just before it engages in combat it transforms into the wolf form.  It might even be a tactical benefit in defense because the raiding king would see just one knight approaching and he really wouldn’t re-direct his troops for just one knight.  Then suddenly that one knight would transform into wolf form right among his cannons hopefully, and he’d be screwed!

Lmfao! xD But wouldn’t the king notice him running faster than the others? ;3

I think on android the wolf turns into human when it dies.

not sure if this is true though.


Yeah if you were looking closely you’d notice it, but sometimes you’d definitely miss it.  It was add an extra element of having to pay closer attention to the units as they moved. 

A kind of this extra transformation would make you lose some time because you have to wait that it transforms into a wolf and then to fight against troops so you are there to wait that it transforms, so i think this is the reason they directly put werewolf without put evolution

I really like the idea of the transformation.  :wink:

And it could be a really quick thing, perhaps replace a few of his steps with a jump/transformation when the Werewolf reaches a certain close distance of the target.


I play on Android and there’s no human form, the Werewolf dies as a Werewolf.

Well, a transformation would be interesting to see, but also it would take some time that could be used on something better (useful, like attacking).


And those are not wolves, werewolves are very big and biped wolves, and that’s what RR2’s werewolves are…

Guys the debate about the amount of time to transform is really kind of silly.  A smart programmer would simply program it to begin it’s transformation a few steps before it reaches it’s target.  Litterally exactly like every single werewolf charging anyone in any movie ever, from the Twilight to Red Riding Hood!

A few steps before its target? Then werewolves as knights are going to be killed by ranged units on chockpoints because they can’t overlap, everybody knows knights are killed easily…

you see a wave with 2 knights, you know it’s not knight…


Yes, and if you are observant you will be a head of the game.

You didn’t faced max level blazing knights yet I guess.those little fellas are the best units in this game.they can beat the crap out of max level boosted barricade,can take a shower under snake tower and frost towers and can take down a skull tower also if you use them smartly.i personally myself love blazing knights they are good against storm cannon,mortar and many other units.the most important thing is you can call them in hundreds of numbers because they take only one morale point and they can take down a castle gate within seconds.upgrade them to max you will see:)

Yes, and when you have 100 little knights, you can create 100 Shields around you *O*

Please let’s not go offtopic and discuss boosted knights too much here… but yes, they’re awesome.

Though, they’re weak against ranged damage, especially AoE damage, as their high numbers and density makes AoE effects deal way more damage than to any other type of unit group, and knights can’t defend themselves against path overlap ranged damage. That means 1 or 2 lonely boosted knights will quickly die to ranged units before transforming into a werewolf, even if they’re a bit stronger than unboosted knights… anyway, what if you have boosted knights but unboosted werewolves - would the hidden werewolves then show as boosted or unboosted knights, would they have the stats of knights, or still those of werewolves, and what about the other way round (unboosted knights, boosted werewolves)? etc etc… many questions to solve.