Werewolves, Scream Boost, and Barricades/Blockades

These three things tend to not go together very well. Right now, wolves hop over the blockade or barricade and if the king uses his scream, the wolf can be seen just constantly running in the direction of, but not moving towards, the king once he has reached the barricade from behind, leaving the wolf completely defenseless, because he won’t be attacking enemies. My suggestion is very simple and probably clear to everyone reading. The Wolves should be able to hop back over the barricade to prevent this from happening. It happens on nearly every attack for me and really basically takes away the speed ability for the wolf

This is a weak spot indeed.

We do not want to change it for now though, because this could mess up some other battle-related things that would be more severe than the issue itself though because the battle system is very delicate.