whacked scores in pro

flare why You let players hack in pro? current top1 in pro leaderboard (and lot of people…) isnt legit, im 100% sure. her/his score… almost immaculately, i cant believe she/he is honest player. and look at this advantage in monthly leaderboard, OVER 1200 POINTS! ridiculous… 

Probably because player spends loads of money and puts it in FG pocket??? 

The main thing is to give an incentive to people what they are aiming at and maybe you will win the main prize, all this is cheating what you are given is yours and do not break your head who all these super players might not exist or they exist and know pro league cards and that how to do it.

Deze score moedigt mensen aan om het spel te verlaten. Welk gebruik heeft het om te spelen. Alleen voor het krijgen van pro-boost in team? Uitgaven 3000 edelstenen voor het verkrijgen van wat palfood en parels. Kreeg onlangs aanbod voor 3000k edelstenen, 2 items en nidhogg voor 21 €. Flare denkt dat dit een verkoop is.

if the rewards are only some palfood and some pearls : you have to consider if it is worth playing pro league. You spent 750 gems for something you can get without playing pro league.

i’m just wondering if apoc and roaring will keep word leaving the game on 1st of may. I don’t see the changes they asked for yet.

It seems like the only Pro player left are the ones who have just started playing.

Now there are atleast 4 players in top 10 who have  not more than 1000 trophies, are around level 50-65 and couldn’t even win a silver league or gold league.

To top that all Icing on the cake is a guy who can not win a silver league with 795 trophies and level 44 getting a perfect score.

Come on FLARE why are wasting our 750 gems per ticket if people who win these leagues have suspicious credentials, I don’t want to call them you know what I mean but circumstances are painting a dubious picture.

Hope you people look into it.

Most likely it’s people with multiple accounts, which is against EULA. Looking into this would be a good faith measure by flare. 

@FTB cmon, get someone to review pro league scores before the cups finish…


Those are some painfully obvious secondary accounts of players whose main accounts were banned from the Pro League.

I would like to ask Flare to also ban these secondary accounts from the Pro League. Why? Because they’re getting pro crystals and using them to donate Febes to their main alliance. That’s an unfair advantage.

Mybe he is just a good player? 

A good player who never used certain spells or troops will still fail. You need to get a lot of experience with spells and troops and that’s only achieved by actually using them. 

There is a saying, when it’s to good to be true, it’s to good to be true. Why does flare not check statistics of spells, troops and hero and compare them with the actual stats. I bet that this would easily proof, that some don’t play the fair way. And why not take the action that is appropriate, not only ban them from pro league, ban them from the game. And even when it’s a payer, get rid of him/her.

I am not a good raider, I will immediately admit that, but I don’t participate at the moment, just for this reason. 


Just deleted my post just in case any answers would give some potential charters any idea 

…Phoenix… has been banned :wink:

There are a lot more to be banned.

Somehow Flare still hasn’t gotten it right. Week after week. Month after month. The same guys always end up in the top10-20 monthly.

It’s not skill. It’s practice.

Is that max score Phoenix did? All perfect victories?

Yes, 2190 = max score.

IMO that’s not skill nor practice, but this. I believe FG never fix this old bug at Hammerstrike spell. And at this PL, FG provide us that specific spell. Time for cheaters having fun :lol:


exploiting a bug isn’t cheating, it’s up to the devs to fix it, not the players to avoid playing the game. What is the hammerstrike bug?


I suck at pro league but I collect the free ticket and play the last week of the month to get at least 2 pro chests which gives quick food and pearls, sometimes pro item. Well worth doing that portion of it. I just keep building crystals until I find something that can use. What I liked about the last one was that the king moved slow as a snail turds and when I got back to my king at 93.9% speed was kick ass.

I collect the tickets and usually play when firebolt pro boost can be gained. I still have 14k crystals in reserve, so I can buy an item that is good. Speed I have 100%, including 100% scream in dungeon gear. 

However… During seasons I raid with skull gear (one speed boost), and for the rest I raid with farm gear for trophy gaining/dumping and with luck gear to get the rewards. In dungeons I use my dungeon wardrobe.

In war gear I need to get the dungeon wings or another speed pro gear with speed on left side and turn it into skull gear. That’s main problem in skull gear, low speed. But with kickback aura ring as skull item, a lot of raids are way more easy. 

The layers are good, but not working for me, I once bought the largest ticket pack, but gave away some of them to members. Before the layer, I got most times two pro chests, now with the new setup just one. I decided not to play a pro league, since a lot of players use alternate accounts to practice (Before they used the disconnection trick) or even use scripts to strengthen their spells or troops. And flare only bans them from pro league when they are caught. A ticket costs enough gems, but since we lately only see 95% of the rewards as pal food or pearls, those gems can better be spend elsewhere. And we know the reason, the lower you end, the worse the stuff you can gain from those chests. It’s embarrassing that we even find uber rewards in those chests. 

We gave enough hints how to catch cheaters. But they know best they think and can handle it by themselves, that’s at least the impression they give us. Yep, we see that they can handle it, I already gave a very simple way to catch cheaters, but still I could better talk to the void, there at least you have a slight chance to get a response. They know original values of hero (strength, health, speed and so on), troops, pal and spells. Also they know the values of defensive troops, structures. They also know the time per pro level plus total play time. It’s quite simple to check if someone messed around with any of these values. when anything has a different value, it should be investigated.

Say I cheat and make total raiding time double time of what all other players have. It can make the difference between getting 100% or just not knocking down the gate. Also strengthening a spell or lowering the cool down is something cheaters do. Just verify the used values by sending that data towards the server, before accepting a raid as successful. When numbers differ, store the video as proof. But nope, flare knows best. We see it every week, some low players at the top of the league.

That some do it with pre knowledge is something harder to stop. But why their own employee is making videos of the pro league, it gives players the opportunity to see what to expect, what troops in waves are coming next, where towers are located, which place the hero has to run towards to take out jester boxes and so on. They should release such a video after the pro league. Some really watch the video several times per level, before even playing a level. It’s not really cheating, but it has nothing to do with skills. Take for example a cup a couple of weeks ago. The first wave was filled with purtrid prawlers. Without pre knowledge nobody could have known that pushing your own prawlers around half a tile forward was the way to survive a level, and that around x seconds you could start to run forward, since those waves of prawlers were destroyed. Not following this would lead in a killed hero. 

Why not follow the gems they spend. Do they give them away by raiding same player all the time and scroll heavily just to pass those gems? Then it’s likely that this is a player, transferring gems to main account. Just keep an eye on a so called winner and when there is very suspicious activity, ban them. Pro league should be as cheat free as possible. 

Sorry not bug, the term should be: loophole?
That old infamous hammerstrike cheat used by old cheaters to strip top-10 bases (plenty victims, just ask them). Need only 2x hammerstrike then game’s over, victories, do that at all missions = perfect score w/o even moving king’s ass :lol: