whacked scores in pro

I indeed saw a video with that cheat. It’s absurd that this is still possible. flare knows exactly all values of spells, troops, pal and hero (health, damage, cool down and so on). Why isn’t this checked just after beating the gate? 

When there is a difference detected, just save the video and check it. Maybe in the beginning the checking mechanism needs to be improved, but that way you get better tests and can ban cheaters. When you see someone use a hammerstrike and almost complete base is gone, you know something isn’t right. Also when a top x base is beaten within 10 seconds, you also should know this is impossible without cheating. 


Did you try cheating as some clips in youtube? I did, and my account has been banned forever

It’s funny that you think FG is an idiot.


Nope, it would not ever come into my mind ever to try to cheat. I hate cheating, so I play either fair or not at all.

I just heard of some videos that showed players cheat, like the one with hammer strike spell. On some forums they gave the link to the video and when I checked it was indeed the cheat. There is nothing funny on cheating and flare might not be an idiot indeed and have some mechanism to verify raids. But I think they don’t actively use it, but only investigate after a complaint at customer support. 

I am sorry to read that you are banned. But… You are aware of the fact that when you cheat, you take a big risk and getting banned can be one of the consequences. So why you even tried? And why not against accounts of friends/members who agree that you try it?

Maybe flare has detection mechanisms, but if they do, they should not use it like animal farm rules. Some are equal, but some are more equal. Free players get permanent ban and payers get a one time warning. 

If you follow any cheating guides in youtube, your account will be banned immediately. Did you notice that the video author only used clone account to make the demo? 

I only cheat on ninja event but my account still is banned so that I think FG has an active mechanism to detect all suspicious activities.

Don’t hate me because of my cheating. I’m just a curious man :slight_smile:


Oh, I don’t hate you at all for trying to see if it works, what happens inside a video. 

It was just not smart to try it in ninja event. You should have tried against your own base or from a friend with a test raid, although I think that could already be enough to result in a ban.


Why the hell you need to cheat in ninja event??? The most easy event ever in flare game

Big thank you to flare for banning many of the cheats from last week’s pro league. I hope you were able to identify what they did and learn something from it though, because there are several more. At least, I noticed, they didn’t get the rewards they cheesed for.

I’ve identified at least 5 or 6 accounts today in the top 50, which probably shouldn’t be there. Keep up the good work. 

This player RESTIAA , always score in range of 2180-2190 every 3rd pro league 

It seems he skips 2 league so that no one notice him and then again does something fishy.

Please check his stats for Pro League, his conduct is suspicious .

Thank you @GalaMorgane 


He is not alone player doing like this.there is so many players find a trick and score above 2k every week

Yeah, now that we are in tiers for the weekly pro league, so no competition with each other except for the monthly pro league leaderboard, people aren’t really caring about the cheating as much.

I can’t find anymore RESTIAA in current pro league (SUPERSONIC CUP). Before this I saw he was in current pro league with 2188 score. Did he was removed from the current pro league ?

I’m really hope, Flare will check another players as well before giving out the reward

RESTIAA is banned forever.


BR Camelot.png

We will see… Recently player of LE Lions had banned but now he is active…

Space kozak logo masz :grinning:

Its looks like we have only one cheater in pro league…

Or maybe he played in wrong alliance…