What a surprise event!

Tomorrow event makes me really surprise, because they make me wait too long and now, just a simple event. 

Holiday in previous year give us gems and boosts, holiday in this year, FG takes all our gems by buying items or raiding. 



Its shameless

every event -someone dissopinted.

seems noone good event for all

 Im happy about BS event

 I’m just happy to have The Blacksmith event. 

Let’s be happy, better than uber days :wink:  

I’m sure there will be a winter week as well

I am very happy with Blacksmith event. Will start to melt down my highest useless gear this evening and will wait till the event started before collecting them.

I have no choice, videos not working, otherwise I would start tomorrow morning with melting them.

yeahhhhh, finally Blacksmith… ?

Only partially happy… good event, but…

Have gathered a lot of gems to buy another blackie’s slot. Working persistently for months, gathering gem by gem.  Not buying anything, not scrolling, not wasting gems for items or for CoF.

But have erratically pressed some green buttons lately and too many gems were just lost in the wind…

So, now need to wait for another 3 months for the next blackie event…

oh no seriously? its not fun  :slightly_frowning_face: for you. I wanted to accumulate enough for unlock 5th slot in Blacksmith but when I read each time someone missclick and waste gems I don’t know and that happen to me too. I have prefered to buy 3 slot items to have 40 items slots ( Yeah i know I should be around 55 I discover the tricks of +1 too late in dungeon) 

me too last day click accidentally green button, for skip couldown to forge an spike… I use 1.600 gems…

fortunally in can bought too slot of blacksmith and 5 inventary slot!

That sucks.  I try not to save up too many gems at once if I can help it as this has happened to me twice before.  Fortunately I had some quest & voucher rewards saved up to use this time.

But the moto is to never give up. Mistakes happen. We just need to go on towards our goals. Will gather these gems for the next blackie event.