what about 1.9 already available ?


 1.9 update is available on several platforms, today 09 sept /2015

which detailed contents ?



The first update is that today is the 7th…

Second there will be the official news soon as always just wait  :grinning:

Can’t log on to windows device with this new update.

ok oPelle,

i got more infos about 1.9 on




hey, which device ?

works fine on pc windows 8.1 and Nokia lumia

Windows Phone 8

iOS has the 1.9 update all the new boosts Pyro, gargoyle tower and FROSTER are won in the war season!

Can’t log in on iOS6 either v_v

You will see an Official presentation by Aether most probably after WAR season when we unlock the new boosts !!!


So let us wait until then !!

In Options you can now Transfer the Account.

Btw, is just me or everything in yhe new update are stronger. Tower skulls are insane too, we cannot pass them without get the poison damage even if we pass thru the far side from the tower

Skull towers didn’t change with the update, afaik. 

Snake towers (dealing poison damage) did get a slight range increase to cover the whole path tile.