What about MOATS ?

We got barricades, we have blockades, and spikes, why not MOATS with or without alligators. Maybe flame-moats, it could be cool ! Signed James the anoited , leader of Castleblack Inc. BE FEARED !

We have wolves, we’ve got werewolves and even mummies. Why not TOADS?Perhaps the flaming-toads, it would be cool.Signature, Russian soldier.




*new elite boost - TOAD FROM MOAT

+1 so many tower choices but only three blocking structures


Yeah, maybe it’s not a moat, but something! 

A flaming moat is actually an interesting and historically “accurate” concept.

They would have invisible tar pits that they would ignite when enemies walked over them.

I think an invisible tar pit would be amazing!

And what would make it unique is unlike other obstacles it should be invulnerable.

It just there invisible and inactive until a unit walks over it and it ignites.  Then it just burns for a certain amount of time (or until Frosters put it out?)  And then it’s gone. 

So it’s actually more of a trap than an obstacle. 

The cool thing about it since it would be invulnerable until activated is you could put it on the other side of an adjacent lane and it wouldn’t get destroyed by sonic blasting on the way past it.

What is moat? A lady goat?

Why would it have alligators and flame?