What about new pal??? In pro league

You have free spot to the right 

Hi Spartecus,

I moved this to pro league. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure that he doesn’t care where it is, he rather wants an answer to the question

Those free spots can also be filled with new item sets.

That would rule out the possibility of moving this topic to the pal&beast section though…

I got all palls allready, so now i got bored from the pro league, new pal or new set with SB will be nice

My Pal Hunter Mode idea presented the possibility of new pals. You fight through rounds and try to unlock a new pal! I think that instead of adding a pal to the shop, it’d be funner to actually fight for it directly


No new pal coming for now, unfortunately. From the Q&A topic:

“We have no plans of releasing a new pal in the immediate future. That being said, we don’t want to rule out the possibility of another pal hitting the scene at some point. For now, we want to focus on improving the existing pals.”

New pet for 1.5kk crystals.