What about ProTickets donation?

In topic?

In posts? 



The leadership team of my current alliance started giving pro tickets to members who donated phoebes, so they could finally unlock the beast. It worked very well for them, it went from 0 pals donated to almost unlocked Celestial Phoebe in only a few days.
But then Flare stopped ticket donation when there was only 8 Phoebes missing. ?

@Madlen can we please have more info about this change and when it’s gonna be in the game?

I’d like to know also, not being able to donate really hurts middle and smaller alliances. It can be easily fixed with donation cooldown when emterimg/leaving alliances. Solves the multi account problem and allows teams to work together to have most participation possible to get boosts.

Can we get any details about this issue?

I took a pro ticket from one of my teammates saying that I will return it when I get mine. But, when I received, I cannot donate him. He is going furious. Please do something.

I propose to make ticket donation the same mechanism as the Alliance Tower special donation(gem).

I was able to make a special donation by gem for the first time when I bought an item.(Daily offer)

If you do shopping in games, you can remove the limit one month.

Users who control multiple accounts will put in a lot of money to retrieve and distribute the tickets.

Maybe you can buy a child in any country for a daily offer. It is the price of 3 to 5 ice cream. ? ??? ???




Hi guys,

please kindly check here (3rd point).

I will lock this topic now.