What about skull bonus on pro weapon and glove??

I have already asked this question before also but no answer was given,HOW ABOUT NOW,HAVE MADE A POST ABOUT IT ALSO.

Pro weapon with speed and skull ? wow.

And after that they will complain like about the new update with sculls on swords


Totally forgot what to do with those skullperks? ?

Can someone explain me?

I remember: there was something to do within alliance wars. But I can not exactly remember, what the effect of those skullperks was ?

So why should we need skullperks on pro weapons?

Hello rizwan07,

Why are you shouting? :grinning:

I don’t understand your question, to be honest. Do you want to know if we plan to add them or is this a suggestion?



Let me try to explain Madlen. 

During war seasons, there are 5 kind of items that can hold a skull perk. 

  1. Cape
  2. Weapon
  3. Gauntlet
  4. Ring
  5. Belt

Gauntlets(Glove) and weapon can hold a skull perk, but that we can’t get a skull perk on such an item after removing the lower right perk (for 50 gems) and doing a forge (and hope that we find that skull perk, the odds are 6%). So those (for weapon and gauntlet) we can only find in COF or as reward in chests.

That is the question of topic starter. When those would be available in the shop (for gloves and weapon with a skull gear), they could replace outdated skull items (on gloves and weapon) by a better version. Since they don’t exist as pro item, we need to keep using uber items. 

Now we need to find a skull gear for gloves and weapons in chests, so we are depending on pure luck and they are only uber. 

Like I explained, when a skull percentage is on a pro item, it has initial higher value. So we don’t need to forge that skull percentage 50+ times before having the original skull value of the old item, we want to replace. 

Most skull items we have are outdated, we could replace them by better items when we could buy them as pro item. 

Not shouting,just trying to get the answer, my question is,there are pre set skull bonus on uber weapon and gloves,we cant get them by forging,so are there pre set skull bonus on pro weapon and gloves and if not whether developers will put them or not.Simple.

Indeed Pro-Gloves and Pro-Weapons can not be forged to Skull Bonus.

As our CM told us, there is no change in Pro-Shop to be expected any time soon now that we have the full variety of sets there.

So, getting those Pro-Items would come as a surprise. Which Flare would keep a surprise in that case.

Why not remove skull bonus entirely? Amount of skulls should be calculated from toughness of defense and thats all.

We can forge pro item

I was surprised to see this skull boost on a Pro item.  Took several forgings to get it though.

Many Pro items are not as good as Uber Items, wish Flare would show us what an item could become if forged.

It’s their monopoly,THEY will never remove it.

But not weapon and gloves.