What about?

What about:

  • Stopping scheduling events at the worse time (such as the current festival right right during a war)?
  • Stopping that ridiculous festival where levels are so difficult than they are not even fun?
  • Balancing attack and defense and balancing pets? Phoebe is all over the place and way too powerful. I’d rather attack players of my levels but the whole system is so unbalaced that there is no point even trying.
  • Make conquest interesting? Even when matched with 3 much stronger alliances, we just have to build enough towers to get the max rewards in two days and do not have to do anything else after that. The boost are definitely not worth the effort. It’s all in the word. It’s called “conquest” and not “building contest”!
  • Finally fixing the medal reward. It’s soooooooooooo boring when you have to do the same cave over and over and over and over and over and over again to win that diamond league while it could be more fun to attack players. But with 35 medal reward, it’s no match to the 1300 you can get in a cave in just one fight!
  • Checking why the same players are over and over and over and over again in the top 100 of the Pro League. I can’t believe that they are soooo good that they always finish on top no matter the type of troops/spells/pet they use.

I have always tried to stay positive and be on your side, but I must say that I’m really getting tired of this. I have reached a point where I consider to stop. Congratulations, it took you 3 years!

Hi XerxesTSO,

Thank you for the feedback. I will pass it on to the devs. And thanks for bearing with us for such a long time.

I just wanted to say that we agree that the Conquest still needs improvements in certain areas and many people have provided great ideas in this section. It will definitely take some more time to implement ideas and improvements, but we are working hard to improve the Conquest and the game with every version.

We also hope that the upcoming Guardians (more info to be announced soon) will bring some fresh wind into the game.

Those players are NOT that good to always place top100. Nobody can always place top100, let alone top5 like we see every week.


Scratch that. It is possible. All it takes is a bit of practice doing the pro league levels in multiple accounts before you try with your main account.

Yes, unfortunately the majority of the top100 is composed of multi accounts and the top20 is almost totally composed of multi account PL users.

Flare really should improve their cheater detection in the PL.

Thanks for your feedback. I agree and that can only be the reason. If you know the levels well and know what to expect, I bet you can get to the top 100!

Thanks Madlen. I might have sounded a bit too direct yesterday but it had to be said. I know you guys are working hard on the conquest but it would be good not to forget the basics too. There are some issues as I listed above which have been there for a very long time. Thanks again.

Not only the same players, but also a lot from the same team now, so it’s more suspicious than ever

That’s the monthly leaderboard of November, for example, that I had to report because I can’t believe it’s legit!
Top10 having 4 players of the same team? 6 players of the same nationality (Team A + Team B )? (all names censored to be posted here)

You can be a very good/very lucky player
But reaching top10 every week? Every month? C’mon, what are the chances that this is being done according to the rules? I seriously doubt it

I know exactly who your talking about, and I agree that it’s suspicious, but seeing as he (and his teammates) participates in EVERY Pro League, it is possible to place in the Top 10 every time. Before I played every Pro League I could only play once a month (sometimes 2). I happened to play the Magma Cup all three times it came around. What happened? I got my Bronze Crown. My point is that the Pro League’s are rotating and coming back around and while the setups may be slightly different, the bases are not. For instance, the Shaman Cup, we’ve had that 3 or 4 times. It has the exact same bases in it each time it comes around. And it’s the same thing for every other Pro Cup! Yes, your post points out something suspicious, but he’s an experienced player, and so are his teammates, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and let flare figure out whether he really is cheating or not

Well, even if that was a true fact, you would still see a lot of other names on top10, because hundreds and hundreds of other players participate in EVERY Pro League, and yet only the same group of players from the same team/nationality is able to reach top10 every week/month