What alliances should I join?

Has anyone got any helpful advise for a new player - I have an alliance I’m in on my own as I just started the game and didn’t realise what I had to do lol.

I’m from another game that shut down and stole our money … (That’s a different story)

I stumbled on this game and as a high level player previously (spender too) it’s frustrating to be stuck on my own with no one with me at the bottom.

Just wanted to know who’s the best team to join to be trained to the top?

Is there any feeder teams for top 5 teams?

And do you guys generally communicate through group me?

Most alliances generally communicate through Facebook (:

I know that there are quite a few stepping-stone alliances… Illuminati has one guild for 0-2000, another for 2000-4000. SK has 3 guilds, one of which is in the top 5.

The fact that you’re a big spender means that you’ll go far (: I unfortunately cannot accept you because there’d be too great of a disconnect within our alliance, and because you’d probably be poached off after a time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But those are the alliances that I know of raising newer players.

As some advice, if you’re willing to spend the 7,500 gems to do so, upgrading your alliance tower to max level opens a /lot/ of doors. But wait for a gem sale before you do so, you can save up to 30%! (:

Oh, also! I almost forgot:

  • Starting out, only upgrade your Barricades. The beginning towers become obsolete halfway through the game, but Barricades stay useful forever! (The Alliance boost makes them better than Blockades)

  • Starting out, only upgrade Knights and Archers. They stay relevant at the end of the game.

  • Starting out, focus on upgrading Hammerstrike. Hammerstrike, Blizzard, Shield, Bladestorm, and Sonic Blast are the only useful spells throughout the game.

Sorry to dump so much information on you at once, I just don’t want you wasting any gold :wink:

You mean that that’s the way it is now. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a month or two an other update will be released to make the gargoyle tower better, or make the poison spell the most amazing one ever. Just see how they changed the blizzard spell, a while ago it was conciderd the worst spell in the game (maybe together with poison) and now it’s my favorite one in the game.



If you like this game and intent to play it seriously. you should improve your alliance tower to maximum (500k) ASAP. that in itself will be enough to join all but the the highest level alliances in the game regardless of your level. At 500k you won’t have to worry to much about finding an alliance as you will be constantly invited by other.

If you are a “spender” as you mentioned, I would do it as a priority.


It will probably take you 3 weeks to get it there.


Do this and you will not have any trouble finding a TOP50 alliance with a 500k donation even with trophies <2000. PM me is you need names.


Then you need gain levels quickly. The best way to do this is to find the open (defenseless base) of a higher ranking player - perhaps because they are quitting the game or want to drop in the rankings. If you find one, attack it 3 times per hour every hour. I quickly gained about 50 levels or so for my trusted Assistant, Squire Valiant, attacking mostly one player (kadir…) who kept opening his base frequently.


I could offer lots of other tips but they will overwhelm you with info. here is a good one. Keep you gem count low (<500) the game will then offer you special packages troops, spells, builders. They are only offered when gems are low to get you to BUY gems (as opposed to just spending them).


Have fun in the game. it can be a very intense experience.




Knight Gallant

The way to progres is to always check what the top 10 player have for their base and eaves plus to check raids videos for new spell combo so that you can adapt quicker to the constant changes of the game’s mechanic and dont dip yourself into the competitive nature too early or else you’ll lose interest even quicker lol

Thanks guys useful info although I’m a bit late on wasting gold on useless stuff lol

I tend to treat the game like clash of clans where you should max everything you can before increasing throne room size.

Is this the right way or the wrong way in this game?

Also I’ve been looking on YouTube and there’s not much content if any useful content - I looked for base designs etc but found nothing really.

Any of the people who have me advice got a space available - I tend to be loyal to my trainers lol I helped build my old games alliance into top 5 once they trained me from scratch.

So I just gemmed my alliance tower too 100-150k

Holy moly! *O*

And lol, Flare pretty much forces you to max everything before upgrading the throne room anyway =P

Hi JediGeorge,


We may have a fair proposition for you. Please contact me privately on the messages.


Oh, and my advise, to delete the “big spender” in your post. You may easily get exploited by some.  Just take your time, enjoy the game and keep your cash for the real life.





Okay 1st off maxing out everything here is a HUGE mistake, this is not clash, you do not get penalized for having a high throne room! You actually will earn MORE gold by leveling your throne room ASAP


If you spending don’t worry about farms as much as you will just buy bread. I recommend using all your gems and buying gems when you get lowish and see a approx 50% off gems sale and buy several batch of those to keep you supplied. When you are low on gems the game will also send you a special offer package as well often to try and get you to buy gems.


Base layout, worry about that once you reach 3000+ as pretty much under 3000 it is just all offensive power pushing you up. After 3000+ you will need to have some max barricades with elite boosts on from your alliance, and then some other elite boosts on for defense like wolf, knight, archers, mummy, arblasters. Those will push you up to the 4000-4500 but you will need to practice your raiding skills or just blow a shit load of money on scrolling. From there you just need to raid a lot and finish maxing out your WAVES in your castle guard as having tons of units in those waves on your defense will kill many kings. Improve your raiding skills and buy levels for your king. Get to level 90+ and buy some Legendary gears and you will be in the 100 easily.


There is a decent amount of videos on youtube but nothing compared to clash.


List of upgrades you want to do in order.

Alliance towers

Throne room





Skull towers

Firebolt towers




You will probably want to join the SK alliance as they have feeders and are one of the top alliances in the game.


As other pointed out level up your ALLIANCE tower asap, if you want to get into a top alliance getting that alliance tower to level 11 which costs like a total of 10,000 gems and several weeks will all but surly get you into a top 100 alliance pretty much regardless of your level. After that you must be active daily or you might get kicked by some alliance as when wars come around every day is important, just like clash. If you don’t fight in the war season for your alliance you are hurting them so they might kick you. If you level is to low, they might also kick you as well since you will be easy prey in the wars.


It will take several weeks before you are up to 3000+ unless you are spending THOUSANDS to spend up all the progress of everything. The sub 3000 treat as tutorial or basic training.

Starting out attack strategy is pretty much KNIGHT SPAM ftw, if you get in an alliance with elite boosted KNIGHTS this can pretty much carry you throughout most of the sub 3000 game depending on how strong your knights are and the alliance boost level. Mummy are great to use as well if you can win those boosted mummys in the wars as when they die they spawn a lot of KNIGHTS as well and they instantly spawn next to the king when summoned. 


Focus on Knights as your main offensive troop in the beginning

Hi Bladestorm,


First, very good and positively impressive, that you invest so much time in helping others. I like it :slight_smile:

Would be happy to see a player like yourself in our lines… If you agree of course. We try to gather all the best and honest players into one alliance. No dirty politics, fair play only.


Second, on the forums SK have built a very bad profile about their clan. Some SK players are posting arrogant and bragging too much. Some of them even exaggerate and lie about their capabilities. I personally don’t like it. It looks childish.





hello world and nato both have training camps and c.i.a.

UvT,… I think almost all top alliances do this (except 1 or 2 maybe).

Todesritter dont have feeder alliance


Open team? Or has that changed now?

Yes, Open team for Todesritter :grinning: