What are Badges?

Badges are a fun way to encourage forum members to set an example for positive user behavior and reward learning by doing.

Receiving badges

  1. We manually can reward users! :clap:
  2. Automatically by the system

So what’s in it for me?

Some badges can be used as a title! A title will show in every post you do next to your name.
Some badges can be granted multiple times.
Badges can be shown on the public badges page.
It can also show the post the badge was granted for on the badge page.

For example:
(This badge for example can be manually granted for wise RR2 members and then they could enable the “Wise King” as their title.)

To set a badge as your title you have to have a badge that can be enabled as a title. Go to your badge page accessible via the hamburger menu next to your profile picture.
Click on a badge. If it is enabled to be used as a title, you can enable it like so:

Automatic Badges

Automatic badges are granted by special triggers. Discourse comes with a lot of default badges out of the box, but administrative users can also create custom ones. At their most basic, automatic badges are simple “kudos!” for users who are just starting out.

For example:

  • Added a link
  • Received a like.

Certain badges also coincide with new trust levels. When you’ve attained a new trust level, you’ll receive a corresponding badge to notify you of the bump-up.

  • Trust Level 1 --> Basic
  • Trust Level 2 --> Member
  • Trust Level 3 --> Regular
  • Trust Level 4 --> Leader

We will add new badges over time in the future! :slight_smile: