What are Good Values for Perks?

Currently, Flaregames has non-sensical perks like: Toughness which seems to be about a 12 to 1 way of saying health.  So: 1,200 Toughness is 100 health.

So I thought I’d create a discussion of the perks.

Like I have 10% Farmer Perk.

And 5% Luck.

My Farmer Perk saves me quite a bit of bread. 

But the Luck is hard to calculate. 

I figured for those interested…

Let’s share our perks see what people are getting?

Is 5% Luck a common number?  A low number?  A high number?

I think I heard someone else say in chat they have 15% on their Farmer.

My luck always 10% above, farmer always 11%+ and mostly 2.5% skull which sucks

30 hp for cannon

40 dmg for gargoyle

7,7% food cost

138 dmg for frost spell

11,6 life drain

Cost me ~2k7 pearl lol , forgot to count the gems

If you’re gonna compare perks you should list your item information along with your king level and how many times you upgraded the perk.

I’m level 89 and I have:

11,3% Farmer on my mask

5,8% Luck perk


I have listed my others perks on other topics, HammerStrike damage and most useless toughness and power attack perks.

I really love the Farmer perk, and I think the Luck perk is useless, actually I have lost on CoF more frequently than before. That perk makes think that the algorithm the devs made for CoF is a mistery, because I have found some contradictions on the logic…


My luck felt like it went down since I got my 5.0% luck perk too! 

I thought that was just me, but once again I’m with you on this.

Hey I’ve got a 1677.8 Heal on my Cape, does anybody know what that does?  Give me like 16 more HP every heal?

Yeah Maerique only that…


…what about stun perk does it exist ? o.O And if exist what it adds ? More time for the stun effect?


Excellent Question!

Haha! I asked myself that too when I thought if there was actually a perk for that, I wonder the same for Heal and Shield, it’s not like the perk can make them deal damage  :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? Does Shield’s extra HP feels noticeable in batle?

Yes, Shield perk points add more shield, instead Heal surely will work in the same way. Most probably at 99% will add more heal recovered every time you use it.

My healing of 1677.8 increases my total healing by 107.  That’s on a maxed out heal spell with a baseline of: 4,450, So that’s less than a 2.5% increase.

Damn, I wish I hadn’t done the math on this.  Each upgrade of my heal spell is only 53.7 points!  Which means that would be an increase of 0.08%, and that upgrade costs 43 pearls and according to the blacksmith page since I’ve already upgraded 3 times it’s less than 50% likely to succeed!

Actually, now that I’ve found the pattern…  Basically everything is calibrated for a 0.1% increase per upgrade.

Except my life drain!  I’ve only got 28.3 units and I get 0.6 units per upgrade.  I never thought anything could make that sound exciting! 

Oh cool, then my Shield and Heal misteries are gone. Thanks guys. Now we need to now what about Stun…

i personally find that only good reason to have an uber item is for the third perk, to have a “Plus” bonus, after to improve those perks don’t worth for various reasons:

  • low improvements for most perks (+0.1%) or + around 100 points equivalent to +3+4 attack/hp
  • high pearls cost
  • less and less chance to success the upgrade
  • high chance to get useless perk
  • high cost of money


Agreed.  While the idea of the blacksmith is awesome, it’s simply not worth the cost except on the off chance that you might get a useful perk.  IMO it’s never worth upgrading, removing or replacing anything after you roll the dice to get the perk.  If you get something useful, great - use that item until you replace it.  If not, just live with a zero value perk until you replace the item and you can roll the dice on it to try to get something good. In that case, the only thing you’ve lost is some pearls which no longer are useful for anything else anyway.


That said, I still do use the blacksmith.  I tend to just buy up any cheap gray items that granny has and melt them down.  It’s a slow burn, but it’s a steady stream of pearls that I can occasionally use to upgrade something.  Given that I don’t get new gear that often, I seem to have enough peals to get a random uber perk when I do get new items.


While I wish, like everyone else, that we had more control over the perks I think one possible compromise would be if they would at least sope the list of potential uber perks down to things you’re actively using at the time that you unlock the perk.  If I’m using blizzard, sonic blast and shield then it would be great that any spell related perk I get would be for one of those spells.  Same with troops.

last season i got 10 legendary items from war chest

this season i got 12 legendary items from war chest

am I need a lucky perk?? or it’s common to get a lot legendary item?



i have only 2 uber items and im glad i made it without losing my precious pearls. xp boost and troops toughness… not too good but not bad. 

who need blacksmith when chest give U better??it’s FREE.

Shhhhhhh ! You dont want they nerf the chest reward in next update , dont you ?

Updated today : 263,3 king hp added , 16 extra dmg for archer lol .