What are the chances for pro chests items?

In pro chests, they contain crystals, pal treats, pearls, or pro gears. What are the chances for pro gears? It is 100% random?

For example) if you received 3 pro chests, is it possible to get a pro gear(s) from all the chests? or only 1 of them should contain a pro gear?

Also, when I open a pro chest and if I happen to get a pro gear, 60% of the times I get the one that I already own, or I had before. Can you explain it? or I’m just unlucky…

You are Lucky! I mostly get pal food gg

In my experience it goes something like this:

  • if you get 1 pro chest -> mostly pal food

  • 2 pro chests -> pal food + pearls + maybe 1 crystal

  • 3 pro chests -> 1 or 2 items + pearls + pal food + 1 or 2 crystals

  • 4 pro chests -> 2 or 3 items + pearls + maybe gems + pal foood + 2 or 3 crystals

  • 7 pro chests -> 5 pro items + pearls + gems + some pal food + maybe 1 or 2 tickets + some crystals

  • 10 pro chests -> 10 or more items + gems + 1 to 3 tickets + pearls + not much pal food + lots of crystals


In case you didn’t know, not all pro chests are the same. Better ranking = more and better pro chests.

The Conquest pro chests are very good too. I would say they are at least as good as the regular top tier pro league chests and I would not be surprised if they were even better.

You are missing crystals in top tier pro chests. I mostly get 2 chests but once in brute cup I got 10 chest. My scores were 1700+. I got 14 items 5 pro tickets more than 800 gems and believe me 20000 crystals. It was like this one chest contains ticket and gems, the other contains 2 or 3 items in row and crystals and again the cycle continues. Pearls and pal food is less than usually we get in 2 chests.