What are the exact chances to find each pal?

All currently shown about it are the chances to find a pal on a pal chest, 3%.

But on that 3%, what are the chances to find each pal?

Tough question to answer, but I doubt they will give us that info.

If I had to guess, it would be something like:

Tammy, Archimedes, Howl, Growl, Howl, Bucky, Kaiser are the 7 (most) common pals.

14 x 7 = 98% among them.

Almost 2% for the rest…

Except for Aska.

Aska would be around 0,00000000000000000000000001%

I never get any outside of festival so the % is very easy.

I think the more important issue is why luck is so consistently skewed to a reward for a player.

Take daily chest I get tons of gold always my friend consistently gets almost none.

He has got 25 pals in chests in last few months and me none? 

Same platform same internet connection?

but really they need to bias odds based on past rewards as the current coded mechanism seems to consistently throw the same type of rewards for each player.


I think you misunderstood,

My post is not about the chances to find a pal
What I’m asking is: when there is a pal in the chest, what are the chances for that pal to be a Tammy, a Archimedes, a Howl…?

No I got it … just pointing out that that % means nothing for those that never get the pets.

And if its broken for opportunity to get one then its broken for type regardless of the stated %


It’s a good and interesting info that we don’t have yet.

And even if someone is the unluckiest player to find pals with %, that person should still be interested in this because there’s also those guaranteed pals we get regularly now, on Daily Rewards, Alliance Wars, Conquest Mode

I know you say Luck and that’s fine if it was truly random. Many people will tell you they consistently get things and not others so what does a % mean? Not much if the generator is broken, So yeah I get you interest but ultimately its means little the odds if the race is fixed.

Note I consistently get 1 to 4 million a video chest …and this has been this way for years of playing this is not random sorry so the stated odds are just worthless as the reality of the random generator is that it consistently is not random. I don’t mind the gold but I would happily sacrifice that for a working system.

Note: Even the very best random generators are often fixed with hardcoded tolerances to make up for there shortcomings.

Then the % is interesting to me as its a plausible outcome

I’m sorry, but Nidhogg is rarer than Aska.

Probability to find Aska is >0,2%.

For me it was like this:

very often: Howl, Growl, Tammy

often: Kaiser, Archimedes

seldom: Bucky, Eldrak, Aki, Irmgard

never: Bela, Fritz, Aska, Nidhoqq

You forget Aki and Irmgard.

Whoops, you are right. I have added them.

Yeah, you’re right.

I totally forgot about that dummy dragon  

Hey hey hey. Can anyone please tell which pal is better, aska or nidhog?

And please give atleast one reason! Plz

In my opinion Aska is much better.


Nidhogg steals the enemy units, so if they’re bad in offense, you’re stuck with a bad wave of units (necros, gargoyles,…)

Nidhogg stolen units ARE NOT summoned at full HP, forcing you to use some form of healing (heal/shield/monk…)

Aska on the other hand summons them with full HP, while using your chosen units.

Basically, with Aska you only depend on yourself :slight_smile:  

I hope this helped somehow @Rizwan007

Nidhoqq can have higher morale than Aska. And also, the troops stolen by Nidhoqq are immune to lighting towers.

But I also prefer Aska, as I want to choose on my own, which troops I lead into battle.

Another downside of niddhog is it’s inflexibility. You have to have enemy troops close by to get them. Usually spells are used to decimate them, so it’s highly likely that 50% of the Time when it uses its ability there is nothing to copy because you killed them already. So half of the Time its ability is useless.

Apart aska helps you to quickly form your army when you have a very low morale. 

I can tell you that from my very good estimate, I’ve gotten around 120-140 pals so far over 1y7m playing, including pals I bought at festivals and pro pals (and not including the 2 times I bought festival chests to get enough points to buy a festival pal). 

In all those chests, I have never gotten an Aska or Nidhogg.

I’m pretty sure I never got Fritz and Bela too (they’re “new” though). Eldrak, Aki and Irmgard are rare too but I’ve gotten them at least once in chests. 

Tammy, Archimedes, Howl, Growl, Bucky and Kaiser are common. 


All this to say: if there is a 3% chance to get a pal, getting Aska or Niddhog will be 3% of those 3%. ?


It must be less than that, because 3% is not even that impossible.

Even with only 3% chances to find a pal in those free pal-chests, I still have gotten a few.
Even with only 0,5% chances to find a ticket in those chests on pro-shop, I still have found them a couple times.

Nidhogg and Aska are super rare, I’m expecting a really really low % ?

I like this last festival. Finally i have all pals) nidhogg was the las one)