What are the exact chances to find each pal?

Thanks for your response. It really helped me. I was confused before, but now I know which pal to buy. Aska afcourse. @ShadowsGuardian

still no answer for this post, @Madlen

“Here are the chances you all want to know…”?
“We are gonna have a look at it, replying soon”?
“We won’t give this info”?

If you’re not gonna give the info, just say it. If you will, let us know.

Hi Darkerion,

we can’t publish this info.



I have no clue what the % of each pal but for me its like if the game knowing that I missing Aki in my collection. I open a Uber Pal chest from daily reward and got Aki. Since I have recreate a new account in march. The game know what pal I need to unlock and give it to me. Never got double outside Pal collector. I don’t know how the game know what pal I need? next time I hope the Uber will give me Nidhogg or Bela. Only this 2 missing for my complete collection (Normal one)

I can kinda understand that. The % must be so ridiculously low, it would probably cause some noise.
But we have the % info about everything else in the game, we can even see the super low 0.5% chances to find a Pro-Ticket. So why to hide this one about pals?

What’s the point for a section called “Help & Questions” if we don’t receive the answers just because you don’t want to share it?

But hey, thanks for the reply! Only took a week to receive it ?